Mu had a hard victory over Everton in the League Cup quarter-finals 2020/21. The teacher Solskjaer played quite well in this match but the most important stage was to finish it was not good. The "Red Devils" had to wait until the 88th minute to open the score after Cavani's super product. After that, Martial pegged with the subtle cushion in the 90th minute.

The Daily Mail said that Cavani deserves a red card

However, things may have completely evolved if the main arguments are more strict or ... have var. 52 minutes, Cavani had an unremarkable dispute with Everton's midfielder Yerry Mina.

The Uruguay striker seemed slightly calmed at a fierce attack from the opponent and used his arms to strangle his neck and pushed out. Mina is also very "quick" to fall in this situation. However, the main arbitration Andy Madley ignored this situation because he did not observe though the host players reacted quite intensely.

Obviously, British football fans began to adapt to Var's presence and felt ... Missing when matches in League Cup were not applied. Earlier, Man City also prosecuted the arbitration when confronting Arsenal in the previous quarter-final match.

Cavani grasped his opponent's neck still escaped a red card and set up a superfood: What does Solskjaer say?
Scoring a beautiful opening goal, Cavani still criticized by Solskjaer (source: Internet)

Scoring a beautiful opening goal, Cavani still criticized by Solskjaer

When asked about this situation, Coach Solskjear did not go too deep into the problem. "Cavani and Mina are from South America and both have taken bored. I think it looks like a friction earlier but has nothing to do with this situation.

This is a stress and attractive match against fans. Some players did not hold the cold head and had to receive a yellow card. However, I saw the game very attractive and enjoyed it. " Besides, the Norwegian teacher also proved unhappy with Cavani.

"Cavani is a class striker. Moving skills, likelihood and of course, left foot shot is extremely excellent. However, he should score earlier when there are delicious opportunities in the first half. Anyway, this is also a bad performance. "