Should know, Ramos shot down only one of 21 times the performance penalty for Real, reaching the rate of 95%. His achievement is much higher than the "predecessor" Cristiano Ronaldo - who has shot down 13 of 92 times. In two recent games in La Liga, Ramos will fulfill their mission with the correct penalty kick helped Real win 1-0, reached 4 points against Barca.

Ramos is an expert on 11m (Image Source: Internet)

Ramos is an expert on 11M

According to analysis of Marca, Sergio Ramos secret to achieving success rate of 95% 11m shot is wait until the keeper move.

"While running up, Ramos will wait until the keeper move. Then he will shot in wide angle than the remaining corners. Everything sounds simple, but it requires courage feeling. Just a small movement of the goalkeeper moved well enough to know whether Ramos shot at any angle, "sports newspaper Real analysis itself.

Moreover, the pressure that Ramos donated to the goalkeeper's eye light opponents, instead of looking at the ball. "With the ability to control Ramos, goalies have to wait long before making a decision to choose which direction captured, and this makes them more pressure", Marca further evaluation.

Recent times, Ramos penalty kick was broken up at EURO 2016 group stage, against Croatia. Spain was no expert when rock 11m, and Ramos is directing. However, at Real, after Cristiano Ronaldo had to move to Juventus in 2018 summer, new privileges Ramos penalties.

11m stone success chain Ramos begins his battle with former team Real lost 2-3 Monday 05/09/2018 Sevilla. When the home team a 2-0 lead, Real enjoyed the second half penalty but Ramos shot down. The defender then og late match, but kick the 11m in stoppage Thursday. Since then, Ramos added 16 successful penalty for Real and 5 for DT Spain.

Now a 11m kick specialist, but Ramos also had many sad memories on these penalties. In the 2011/12 season's Champions League semi-finals, he shot down in the shootout that was Bayern Munich Real type.