In the latest statement, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe declared no major sporting events taking place before September, meaning that Ligue 1 this season will not be able to continue. In May, the leaders of the French Football Federation (FFF) will meet to discuss the final hierarchy of the team, as well as the identity of the winner, the team relegation and promotion.

Cancel the Ligue 1, PSG riots: court presidents, easy to collapse because of the salary fund
PSG precede unpredictable future (Image Source: Internet)

PSG stand before the future unpredictable

Before the season is canceled, PSG are top of the table after 28 rounds maintained with 12 points from the rest and a high probability they will be awarded the championship this season. In the latest statement, PSG president Nasser Al-owners share with RMC Sport Khelaifi: "We respect the decision of the French Government. Under the agreement with UEFA, we are expected to play the remaining matches in the Champions League at the time and place specified. If you can not play in France, we will play in abroad and ensure the players and coaching team in the best condition. "

Al-Khelaifi related, this rich man will stand trial next case is bribe FIFA officials. May 12/2019, Al-Khelaifi - Chairman Bein media conglomerate Media Group - were present in court in relation to Switzerland due to alleged bribery of FIFA officials on broadcasting rights in the league by the agency power world football organization, but FIFA mediation to the parties concerned to achieve "reconciliation agreement".

But until last February, Mr. Al-Khelaifi, and former Secretary General of FIFA, Jerome Valcke same unnamed businessman was prosecuted decision. If the accused in the trial in September here, Khelaifi must receive prison sentences of 1 to 5 years. Be aware, month 5/2019, Khelaifi is also accused of bribery 3.5 million to Qatar organized athletics championships world. So far, the case has yet to go to trial.

Besides, the financial story of PSG also encountered many challenges. According to French media, the PSG players do not seek common ground with Mr. Al-Khelaifi and sporting director Leonardo in the reduction be paid. With the Ligue 1 stone can not rest and the championship is still open, the current PSG still have to bear huge salary funds from the stars.

PSG Fund's current salary of up to 371 million euros / year, of which 2 are the brightest star Neymar received 689,000 euros / week and is 431,000 euros Mbappe Kylian / week. According to estimates, the PSG can take about 210 million pounds of revenue until the season back.