MU is not appreciated in the Champions League this season. Did that, "Red Devils" have to fall into Group H death. Many people are afraid that the army of the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær will leave early, when two rival PSG & LEIPZIG are very formidable.

C1 Cup victory MU: Million fans dreaming, the
MU (red shirt) victory to lead Group H Leipzig death (Image Source: Internet)

MU (red shirt) victory to lead Group H Leipzig Death

But with skill and a fair game, MU is now monopolize the top of Group H with 6 points absolute. Behind them is the PSG, the hard reigning champions lowering Turkey Istanbul Basaksehir second game 2-0 in the second leg.

In the third game plays, MU will confront Basaksehir, opponents were rated as the weakest league. With what happened in the two matches with PSG and Leipzig, few people believe that the "Reds" will drop points. If you win Basaksehir, the door to the Champions League knockout round 2020/21 will expand with Manchester.

2 battle was over, Marcus Rashford is the highlight of the MU. Very long time, "Reds" have a striker renewed shine regularly in the Champions League. 4 goals in 2 games, 10 of MU even dominate the leading position in the race scorer Champions League 2020/21.

On the other hand, the system of MU attack also extremely effective play. Army of Reds coach Solskjaer is with Barcelona is the best offensive tournament with 7 goals in 2 matches respectively, arranged on both defending champions Bayern Munich or candidate champions Manchester City on indices goal after 2 weekly auction's first round.

Rashford (fade) shine brightly in the Champions League

With the above premise, the MU fans have the right to dream of a successful season in the Champions League. In 9 years, the maximum MU can only go to the Champions League quarter-finals. 2018/19 season, teachers and coaches carpet Barca lost 0-4 Solskjaer after 2 matches respectively. This year, if you want to go far in the European arena, MU should hold firmly the top of Group H, thereby creating momentum for the knockout stages.

Anyway 2 victory over PSG and Leipzig also show many things at MU by PSG is still reigning Leipzig also went to the semifinals last season. A perfect start to dream and know where to MU, head down, the tail will fall?