Daily Mail revealed, in the context of European football paralyzed Covid-19, the idea of ​​establishing European Super League unexpectedly leaders of some big teams reignited.

Separate from UEFA competition system and replaces traditional modalities Cup super league will have 20-22 teams contributed, playing circle 2 plays as league. A bolder proposal is to divide the class into 2, each class includes 16 teams form up - relegation.

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The idea of ​​establishing European Super League was reignited in the context of European football paralysis (Image Source: Internet)

The idea of ​​establishing European Super League was reignited in the context of European football paralysis

The tradition-rich team like Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​Real Munich, Bayern Munich are candidates joined the European Super League. Besides, some of the team have a certain amount of fans as Celtic (Scotland), Galatasaray (Turkey), Ajax (Netherlands), or Red Star Belgrade (Serbia) also participated.

According to a character proposed to set up the Super League, the appearance of the series stars, team illustrious helps members earn profit of 1 billion pounds - something they could not dream of in phases crisis because Covid-19:

"European football is facing a big change. The national teams can earn maximum profits from television rights, the turnover battle, advertising and sponsorship. There is no time point to launch Super League better stage because the economy bottoming Covid-19 as current.

Football has changed. You think the big teams are interested can also play traditional knowledge? No, what they care about is money and a new league in Europe, with a hefty profit will give them that. "

The idea of ​​the Super League was rekindled in 2009. In the meeting of the Association of European football clubs (ECA), the president of Real Madrid - Florentino Perez said that "is not always the best teams can also meet in the Champions League ".

2019, chairman of Juventus - Andrea Agnelli suddenly revive this idea of ​​restructuring efforts in European tournaments. However, the Super League faced strong opposition from UEFA and the World Football Federation (FIFA). Even the most powerful agency declared football will ban the players for the World Cup if they agree to compete in Super League.