Accordingly, the match in the Champions League qualifying round 2020/21 between Linfield (Northern Ireland) and KF Drita (Kosovo) was postponed just hours before the break. The reason is that KF Drita have positive second player with Covid-19. Under the plan, the match will take place at 18h00 Day 11/8 (local time) in Nyon (Switzerland). However, the Swiss Health Ministry has decided not to today's match.

C1 Cup stunned Covid-19: Both teams were separated, the match must be postponed
KF Drita risk of being excluded from the award (Image Source: Internet)

KF Drita risk of being excluded from the prize

On Friday, 8/7 day, one of KF Drita player was tested positive with Covid-19. After that, the player has isolated one other teammate in close contact. Until Monday, 8.10, second player of the team Kosovo was diagnosed Covid-19 and led the entire team must isolate and match is abandoned.

In a statement issued in Tuesday, 08/11, UEFA said: "Canada's second positive a player has exposed the remaining members of the group in recent days has forced the Swiss government to put both teams from Kosovo go isolation ". Besides, UEFA voiced remind the players, teams and officials should strictly follow the regulations on safety in the back play in this period.

State champions KF Drita Kosovo face the risk of being eliminated from the tournament, and their rivals Linfield will go into the first qualifying round Legia Warsaw meeting (Poland) next week. Earlier, KF Drita pass representatives of Andorra, Inter Club d'Escaldes 2-1, while Linfield won the San Marino Tre Fiori.

The qualifying round of the Champions League 2020/21 is ongoing interspersed with the remaining rounds of the Champions League 2019/20, due to the impact of the pandemic Covid-19 makes the playing time was prolonged. The quarter-finals of the Champions League 2019/20, which took place in the form of a knockout turn, will be conducting focus in Lisbon (Portugal), starting at dawn Thursday, 08.12.