Whether guests but Juventus still have to be appreciated than that of the home side Ferencvaros by staging "strong military" and the return of Cristiano Ronaldo. Juventus's advantage soon be set up shortly after 7 minutes when Morata gently flipped the ball from the angles of the game Cuadrado opener.

C1 Cup football results Ferencvaros - Juventus: Inspiration Ronaldo, sublimation throne runners
Ronaldo delicate phase of releasing the ball and score goals of Morata (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo delicate phase of releasing the ball and score goals of Morata

Early goal helped Juventus from very comfortable to deploy their favorite game while the home team had to put up Ferencvaros find equalize. Double ball of the 2 teams were created, but has no more goals scored in the 1st half.

Entering the second half, the Army coach Pirlo suddenly accelerated and continuous phase to create waves up Dibusz goal keeper. After 60 minutes, Morata end Ronaldo's excellent pass with spectacular lap old doubled the lead for Juventus.

Here, the spirit of the players Ferencvaros were less affected and since then, the home team's defense kept making mistakes. Pass a series of on and clumsy handling of the defense was courtesy Ferencvaros striker substitute Paulo Dybala two delicious dining opportunities.

Dybala came in and contributed to the boot prints 2 consecutive goals Juventus

Argentine striker directly increased the lead to 3-0 after 73 minutes, before lasha Dvali unsuccessful breaking ball and inadvertently become og kick to help Juventus set distance goals in just 8 minutes 4 goals 3rd.

Ferencvaros efforts to help them get the right honorable goal 90 minutes by Franck Boli striker. Trounced 4-1, Juventus ranked No. 2 in Group G with six points, ranking just below Barcelona, ​​the team has been perfect 9 points with 3 wins out.

The final result: Ferencvaros 1-4 Juventus (Agreement 1: 0-1)


Ferencvaros: Franck Boli (90 ')

Juventus: Morata (7 ', 60'), Dybala (73 '), lasha Dvali (81' og)


Ferencvaros: Dibusz, Lovrencsics, Blazic, Kovacevic, Heister, Kharatin, Zubkov, Laidouni, Somalia, NGUEN, Isael.

Juventus: Szczesny, Danilo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Cuadrado, Arthur, Rabiot, Ramsey, Chiesa, Morata, Ronaldo.