UEFA has conducted the ceremony UEFA Champions League round table 2020/21 UEFA. The ballot aleatory gave Barcelona and Juventus in Group G. General

C1 Cup draw: Fans eager War Ronaldo - Messi, the former Manchester United star said?
Statistics for the first 35 fight between Ronaldo and Messi match (Image Source: Internet)

Statistics for the first 35 fight between Ronaldo and Messi match

This means there will be occasions Messi and Ronaldo encounter each other on the playground turn round match in Europe's most prestigious club level this time.

On social networking forums, most fans have proved extremely excited for outstanding grace screen confrontation between the two most outstanding player of world history. Many people also believe that this may be the last time Messi and Ronaldo share in high and low while at the peak in the Champions League.

Even in the heated debate, a fan also declared: "This will be a fight to find out GOAT" (Greatest player of all time).

Meanwhile, Page Bleacher Report also quick to statistics between the two "superhero in football" more than one decade. In particular after 35 confrontation, Messi was still dominated with 16 victories with 22 goals scored.

The fight to find "the greatest player of all time"

In another development, the MU coach Solskjaer identified fell into the "death" after having to play PSG, Leipzig in the group stage. PSG was reigning when each major tournament in Leipzig last season's Champions League semi-finals.

Although will meet former club Manchester United in the group stage, midfielder Ander Herrera (PSG) just says this is the league table is difficult: "I think this is a league table of death. There is no league table any harsh but PSG ready."

Meanwhile, the president Nasser Al-Khelaifi PSG said: "It was fun because the Champions League is back after what PSG have been in the last summer in Lisbon. In Group H, PSG will encounter with Manchester United and RB Leipzig.

These are teams that PSG ever confronted in the past. Besides, can not ignore the Turkish champions Istanbul Basaksehir. PSG ready for the Champions League 2020/21. We are ambitious club and respect every opponent. "