2019/20 Champions League by Bayern Munich at the same time is a constant pain of the other two teams are wealthy PSG and Man City. These statistics would indicate why this team owners - billionaires from the Middle East, such bitterness again.

C1 Cup champion Bayern: The rich PSG, Man City spending 2 billion euros nonsense
Bayern success with the way football has inborn (Image Source: Internet)

Bayern success with the way football has inborn

Crowned European worthily, even brilliant treble but uncredited Bayern just take some money "small" team owner to create impressive form this chain. Transfermarkt said figures, Bayern only cost a mere 100.15 million euros to own 11 soccer players in the win 8-2 to Barca in the quarterfinals.

Calculate, the amount spent to buy Bayern soccer team before Barca also cheaper than the fee that Barca have spent to recruit Coutinho in 2018 was 160 million euros. Ironically that Barca do not use Coutinho success and for Bayern on loan for a fee of 8.5 million euros. However, after the Champions League last Coutinho Bayern wealth, Barca back to bite pay Liverpool € 5 million under the terms that the team has signed.

If Bayern Munich using money reasonably, at the opposite extreme, the two teams together with employers is the billionaire oil from the Middle East is PSG and Man City as crazy plan "dragon". The teams have poured billions of euros, but up PSG also go to the final, Manchester City have not even go this far.

According to L'Equipe, to help PSG won a Champions League final tickets, the boss of Qatar has spent 1,266 billion euros to buy 43 players for 9 years. Therefore, this is the ticket to the most expensive final tournament history the most prestigious European club level.

PSG (left) and Manchester City have spent a lot of money, but not buy European success

Meanwhile, Manchester City - just under coach Pep Guardiola was spending to 778 million euros. Thus, the "temporary" plus the amount of the two teams, the billionaire oil from the Middle East were thrown at PSG and Man City to 2.044 billion euros.

If more of life's previous coach Roberto Mancini's Man City Manuel Pellegrini or, former King Premiership will definitely exceed 1 billion euros spent, and the total number of teams is greater than 2.044 billion euros.

Bayern Munich make football a radical way by taking advantage of the maximum "internal resources" before to wait for "reinforcements". They preferred to use the players 'home-grown', enabling Thomas Muller and David Alaba development. With his charisma, "Bayern" and did not take any money to capture the likes of Lewandowski or Goretzka perfect.

And the need to spend money, they also use their currencies an extremely reasonable. Total transfer fee for Joshua Kimmich - who has just sweetened create world-class in the final of the Champions League and Kingsley Coman - star scored the only goal of the match, only takes Bayern mere 14 million euros!

If Bayern do have inborn football is PSG or even Man City are in the form of "food drop" ': Vung money recruit players in the form of "stars". But Manchester City's Pep Guardiola never go beyond the quarterfinals. And the best achievement of the "Green Man" in the Champions League so far the 2015/16 semi-final with coach Manuel Pellegri. Meanwhile, in the first PSG boss under the Middle East go to the final, had to asking for infinite sadness.