Translated by outbreaks should Covid-19 Champions League has been postponed and preparation is started again in the next 8/8 days. In addition to back the calendar, this year's tournament also when changing the mode of competition from the quarter-finals will not be played twice and eight teams will compete in a centralized location unlike previous years.

C1 Cup back:
The bracket in the 2019/20 Champions League quarter-final (Image Source: Internet)

The bracket in the 2019/20 Champions League quarterfinals

Also by this new formula that can create unexpected ability of the team to be underestimated than suddenly skyrocketed. Instead of having to kick the ball, along with two properties on away goals, each game will be a war to the death, and no one can predict anything.

Among the remaining teams play in the Champions League, the four names Napoli, Atalanta, RB Leipzig and Lyon undervalued than the remaining teams. So "dark horses" are likely to cause the biggest surprise?

Representatives from France are the team to have the ability to surprise genre first when he grew Juventus in eighth round. Coach Rudi Garcia's men are advantages 1 goal lead before "Old Lady of Turin" and if they preserve this ratio, the new Juventus Lyon is not the team to go forward in the Champions League.

However, the representative branch of the next game from France is extremely "heavy". If they reached the quarter-finals, the opponent will be Manchester City or Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, Barcelona or Chelsea are potential competitors waiting in the semifinals.

C1 Cup back:
Four "dark horses" of the Champions League 2019/20 remainder (Image Source: Internet)

Four "dark horses" of the Champions League 2019/20 rest

Likewise is the case of Naples. Naples team against Barcelona in the eighth and likely to meet Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals. It will be a bumpy road of teachers Gattuso.

Two Notes "dark horse" remaining Atalanta and RB Leipzig have determined opponent in the quarterfinals. Representatives coming from Italy will take on PSG, one of the candidates championship. Atalanta are having a successful season with scoring ability terrible. However, they will lack Josip Ilicic for personal reasons. That would be a big loss immensely.

Meanwhile, RB Leipzig are also big losses when losing the main striker Timo Werner. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid hero infantry ownership, strong generals were infested with extremely uncomfortable when the match trophy. Clearly, the path of the "dark horse" has never been easy. However, with the new formula, then everything can happen.