The Chelsea defeat (0-3 against Sheffield United) and Leicester (1-4 before Bournemouth) has opened the door into the top four of Manchester United, when coming tonight, "Reds' new home must meet in Southampton round 35 Premier League. If you win, of course Manchester United will create leap from No. 5 to No. 3 on the charts, more than Chelsea and Leicester respectively 1 and 2 points.

Burning MU: Wins Southampton in the top 3, will air a few minutes rankings?
Manchester United need a victory to speed up (Image Source: Internet)

Manchester United need a victory to speed up

However, the season was filled with surprises, can not exclude the possibility that Manchester United will lose points against a Southampton has assured on the ball, with relegation and psychological comfort. If Air, MU will have the same score against Leicester (59), but still lagged behind due to poor on the difference (+29 compared to +26).

In case of failure, MU will remain stagnant in 5th place in the table, behind Chelsea and Leicester respectively 2 and 1 point, while just over Wolves 3 points. However, even if the worst case occurs, the MU fans still have to hope by schedule ahead of second ranked on their rivals Chelsea and Leicester also very difficult.

Back against Sothampton, this team is actually not easy to play against Manchester United rival. Since the return to Premiership season 2012/13, Southampton always know how to make the home side at Old Trafford in trouble. From Van Gaal, then Mourinho and Solskjaer are each grudge against Southampton. For example, the first leg of this season, M.U also only a 1-1 ratio.