Bruno Fernandes only takes true seven minutes to find Istanbul visitors. From the left corner of the left wing, the 18th midfielder silently occupied the position to pick up the ball two, before the ice was tapped, put the ball into the high angle. Mertle Mert Gunok, though flying up, still couldn't touch the ball.

Bruno Fernandes scored
Bruno Fernandes finishes Istanbul grid (source: Internet)

Bruno Fernandes finishes Istanbul grid

Share with BT Sport After the match, Bruno Fernandes described the feeling of scoring the scoring goal: "It is really a beautiful goal, you have to be ready when standing at the edge of the penalty area, to be able to stop a phase Quick counterattack. This time I felt I need to have a shot, the next time I have to fake and eat a yellow card. "

A series of former MU players like Paul Scholes, Owen Hargreaves, Rio Ferdinand and Gary Lineker commentators of BT Sport channel said this is a "Scholes style" ball.

Talking about Bruno Fernandes's goal, Scholes praised: "I used to love that ball, waiting for the ball to come and hope around without any opposite defender and no one blocked in front of the penalty area. A wonderful shot of live shots and a full-lights ".

Fernandes is also a doubling twin for "Red Devils" in the 19th minute and has the opportunity to set up a hat-trick right in the first half with a 11m, but then he cedes to Marcus Rashford. Lead 3-0 after the first half, MU let the opponent removed a table in the second half before Daniel James closed the 4-1 victory for the home team in the second minute.

About the story with Scholes, earlier this month, Fernandes acknowledged his style with many similarities with legends: "I'm more like Scholes. He is the one who likes to be in the penalty area, likes to create, like to score many goals. I think Scholes is one of the best midfielders of football history. "

Meanwhile, Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer also compared Fernandes as "the blend between Scholes and Veron". And Scholes in April this year once said that Fernandes "was completely a 10" midfielder.