Some recent goals and creators of Bruno Fenandes for MU

For MU fans, the witness of Bruno Fernandes with tectonic or scoring in a match of the home team has become too dependent. It is rare to see the Portuguese midfielder standing outside in the goals of "Red Devils" since joining Old Trafford.

Bruno Fernandes became the most important player of MU since joining

According to Statistics from Whoscored, Bruno Fernandes had 41 times to contribute shoes to MU's goal in 40 appearances at the British Premier League and European Cup since February 2020. In the Premier League, the Excellent Portuguese midfielder has 32 times scoring or tectonic only after 29 matches, the most among all players competing in the tournament in the same stage.

Bruno Fernandes plays so well that the middle legend of Old Trafford is Paul Scholes and says "He is better than me":

"Things he is doing really amazingly. If you notice, you will know that MU heads the Premier League, ranked on Liverpool about the ability to win from Bruno here. That is really strange because the team has a very bad start at the beginning of the season. His goals and crews were really great and hopefully Bruno could continue to promote.

Bruno is even better than me. He scored more, creating more. I like to play with him, of course in the back. Bruno is creating a difference. Before the team having him, I think they can only create some opportunities / battles that are much but now, scoring 3 or 4 goals / battle is no longer a difficult thing. "

Bruno Fernandes constantly scores & tectors: the price increases the Africa, MU too
Valuation of Bruno Fernandes increased non-code in the past time (Photo source: Internet)

Valuation of Bruno Fernandes increased non-code in recent years

In fact, Bruno Fernandes is the most economical contracts of MU since Sir Alex Ferguson retired. The Old Trafford team has just spent £ 49.5 million for Sporting CP in this deal - about £ 6.3 million more than Bruno's valuation at the time (according to Transfermarkt).

Until now, Bruno Fernandes was valued at £ 81 million in the nearest price adjustment of Transfermarkt (December 17), ie nearly doubled after only 1 year. Two previous price corrections, Bruno Fernandes also increased valuation (£ 63 million and £ 72 million).

If this player's performance continues to stabilize and help MU succeed in the coming time, Bruno Fernandes's valuation rolling 100 million pounds is also understandable. And then, MU is too bargain while Sporting CP will regret it because of selling "gems" at the price too cheap.