The 13th round of the Premier League was so ended with the last 2 matches as Aston Villa - Burnley and Sheffield United - MU. Before this round starts, both MU and Aston Villa are in the half of the bxh while the two teams are left in the relegation, but after the fifth night, only MU stays in half and even Apporte Top 4.

MU incorporates Sheffield United 3-2 to shorten the gap with the top 4 to 1 point

Aston Villa was unable to win against Burnley at home and two teams shared scores after a 0-0 draw. In the first match, MU was led in front of it was quite early but upstream and then protected the 3-2 button, this victory helped MU won 23 points after 12 games, instantly 1 match Fighting.

Currently on the bxh after the 13th round, Liverpool with 28 points has been led with a 3-point gap compared to Tottenham due to the main beat of Spurs in the fourth night match. Southampton and Leicester were only less than Tottenham 1 point, and the two teams ranked at the Europa League group were Everton and Mu folded right behind the other two teams with only 1 point. MU's victory made Chelsea and West Ham pushed down on Saturday and 8th.

British Premier League: Mu over Chelsea, how to top 4 only 1 point
Top 10 Premier League BXH after round 13 (Photo source: Internet)

Top 10 Premier League BXH after round 13

The Premier League will soon return to the audience with matches in the 14th round this weekend and the position of position in the Top 4 race will also promise to change. The reason is because there will be a pair that took place between the two teams Top 4 (Tottenham - Leicester), a pair of matches between the two London teams ranked side by side (Chelsea - West Ham), and there were two other Top 4 teams met "Big Six" team (Southampton - Man City, Everton - Arsenal).