Tottenham lost 2 consecutive matches. In the 13th round, the army of coach Jose Mourinho lost bitterly on the liverpool championship, with a 90th minute goal of Roberto Firmino. Leave it right away, then "rooster" loses Leicester.

MU (red shirt) has a strong victory against Leeds

2 failed that Tottenham was pushed down to the fifth place on the English Premier Rankings. This is obviously a frustration with the team that has many rounds of rugged on the top of the table. Of course, the distance is still not too far, but keep playing with the current form, the ability to race the championship of stars like Harry Kane or Son Heung Min is very low. Remember, Liverpool now has more than them to 6 points.

While Tottenham was disappointing in the past two rounds, MU was extremely strong. The shock removed from the Champions League was positively reacted by MU players with the motto "turning into action into actions".

And the result with MU is now a third place on the English Premier Rankings. The team under the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has 26 points, with points with Everton but better than the secondary index. 2 teams in front of "Red Devils" are Liverpool with 31 points and Leicester 27 points.

The problem is that, MU newly kicked 13 matches and in their hands and the match against the first round with Burnley. If you win Burnley, "Red Devils" will immediately climb the second goal, close Liverpool with only 2 points less. It is also a special feature for the Premier League to be waiting in the next round.

After the 14th round, the top of the Premier League began to break down. Liverpool won the bold Crystal Palace even 7-0. MU also won Leeds United 6-2. Man City, Everton or Leicester are full of 3 points. These results show the thorough preparation of large teams for the upcoming tourmalet journey.

Within 1 week, from December 26 to 3/1/2021, Liverpool will play up to 3 games. Similarly is the case of Leicester, MU and other teams. Which team reap good results during this period will take a big advantage in the race to the British football throne.

MU suddenly accelerated to bring attraction and interesting for the No. 1 tournament of the Mist. The more it worth talking about, in the upcoming 15th round, MU and Leicester will touch each other during Boxing Day. This war drama will greatly affect the British Premier Championship race, and the ranking promises to even more strongly.

Premier League rankings temporarily:

British Premier Balls reversed: Mu Dai victory to 3rd, Tottenham dropped it?
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