Premier League fierce competition

The effects of the Covid-19 epidemic with the Premier League have not stopped in the 2019/20 season, but there is still a heavy sound to the last road of the 2020/21 season. After the 10th round, fans easily see the disorientation in the championship race of the most attractive tournament.

Recent seasons, Premier League are always a song between Liverpool and Man City

At this time of a year ago, when Covid-19 still didn't appear and caused terrible consequences, the Premier League was almost "lying" at Liverpool's feet. After the 10th round, the army of coach Jurgen Klopp had 28 points with 9 winning achievements and just mixed a match in the 9th round on the enemy MU.

After the 10th round of Campaign 2019/20, Man City gradually missed breath but still the second team. The problem is that the distance between them with the Liverpool board top is 6 points. MU was then ranked Saturday with the 13 points. The distance between Liverpool with the team ranked 15 in 2019/20 is Aston Villa to 17 points!

How about now? Liverpool with a draw on Brighton has missed the chance to capture the top spot. The defending champions ranked second but with the top team Tottenham, only inefficiently. Both teams have 21 points. Thus, Liverpool is now less than 7 points last season.

And Tottenham's top team only more than the 15th ranked team is Crystal Palace with 8 points, one of the lowest gaps of tournament history in these two positions. Just win a game, Crystal Palace is currently ranked 15th but can completely squeeze into the top 8, when they are just least the eighth team, Everton has 3 points.

There are many reasons to lead to Premier League that becomes unpredictable. The late end of the 2019/20 season makes big teams with little time preparing for the current season is a problem. It can be clearly seen in the overload place where the star players, when they had to plow it in a long way. Remember, their conditions have not returned to the best after the time of Football back to the Covid-19.

Tottenham is expected to break down

The continuous interstordinated competition between the national championships with the Champions League and Europa League also affected significantly to the achievements of large teams. With a team with an abundant squad foundation like Arsenal, this is indeed a nightmare. And it also explains why the "Gunners" lose from the beginning of the season, while another big man is the erratic match, the battle or bad match.

Breathe Premier League: Fierce 10 teams of championships, candidates who break out?
Tottenham is expected to break out (Photo source: Internet)

Tottenham is expected to break down

This situation accidentally helps the Premier League add the competition, not to witness the superiority of Liverpool and Man City as many comes back here. Instead of either of these big men, Tottenham is now the lead team, while the top 8 has the presence of underground teams under West Ham, Southampton, Wolves.

Coach Jurgen Klopp in Daily Mail's interviewer recently confirmed that the Premier League 2020/21 was the race of 8 teams, instead of just Liverpool and Man City as the previous seasons. In particular, Tottenham is expected to be the highest breakthrough team.

The army of coach Jose Mourinho has the advantage over Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and MU, which they only attend the Europa League, a secondary league that "special people" are not too attentive. Besides, Tottenham is also a team with good preparation, post from the beginning of the season.

Not naturally Spurs could defeat the two big men of Manchester, Hoa Chelsea in Stamford Bridge. Because, in hand coach Mourinho is really a lineup with good quality. So, if I look at the long way ahead, Tottenham deserves that the team is expected to compare with Liverpool and Man City.

Breathe Premier League: Fierce 10 teams of championships, candidates who break out?
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