Dortmund side set deadlines to date 10/8, if you want to recruit Jadon Sancho, MU must complete. However, did not have any agreement to be made whether the time of the above went through a few days. Current and Sancho with Dortmund's players flew to Switzerland to attend flight training to prepare for the new season.

Breakthrough deal MU - Sancho:
Sancho will have to make decisions for their future (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho will have to make decisions for their future

When asked about the transfer process between MU and Dortmund around deal Jadon Sancho, sporting director of the team of Germany - Michael Zorc announced: "We have plans to Jadon Sancho. He will stay with the team next season. the final decision was made, and I think this is the answer to all these questions last time. "

This information has also been the official Twitter page of Dortmund confirm. Apart clearly informed about the future of Sancho, he Zorc revealed secret Dortmund have extended the contract with Sancho 2023 one year ago.

"Last summer, we had to adjust the salary of Sancho consistent with the advancement in the performances of him. Therefore, in terms of semantics, we have to extend the contract with Sancho 2023" Zorc added.

Journal of Germany, the Ruhr Nachrichten - based in the city of Dortmund - said in the contracts they signed with the club Dortmund Sancho does not include contract terms liberation. This will increasingly make the transfer process more difficult MU.

But according to the Daily Mail, there are ways to deal MU reactivation "blockbuster" is. Sources said British newspaper, the deadline set out 10/8 that Dortmund would be meaningless if the surface Sancho Jadon personally, requesting the transfer to the home of a team westfalenstadion. Meanwhile, Dortmund will have to listen to the thoughts and aspirations of 20-year-old players.

From the process of negotiations, not the face Sancho completely. Representing the player's wage demands £ 250,000 / week instead of £ 220,000 / week, such as suggestions from the "Reds". Now would be the time Sancho decision for his future: Stay or go.

This will be a difficult decision for players 20 years old Englishman, by filing a transfer, it is like he made himself a traitor team Ruhr area. In case Sancho makes a request to transfer that MU and Dortmund still can not find a common voice on the charge level as well as the payment method, then the next date, "Neymar Britain" would be very heavy.

Still according to the Daily Mail, Manchester United started the upset with Dortmund about the transfer method of this team. Dortmund officials never negotiate directly with representatives MU, instead, they sent an intermediary unit represents. They also rejected the proposed 70 million pounds always accompanied these terms may be increased 110 million pounds depending on the achievement of Sancho with "Reds", but request meets 108 million pounds in cash.