Forget Ronaldo & Galacticos 2.0

The Madridista still remember Ronaldo headache, and longed that Real Madrid will find a full range of other superstars fill CR7 nostalgia. But in reality, Ronaldo or Messi are rare, and it takes several decades renew football world produces such outstanding players.

Florentino Perez was president understands this better than anyone else - after the failed deal with Eden Hazard, or Luka Jović.

Break Ronaldo, Real browse 400 million euros to build a new galaxy
The cult name of Galacticos 2.0 have become past with Real (Image Source: Internet)

The cult name of Galacticos 2.0 have become past with Real

So, sources confirmed Marca, instead of looking for a replacement face Ronaldo, Real's president decided to beat out Galacticos 2.0. The head Bernabeu replaced by staging considering Galacticos 3.0 - a new generation of all-new superstars.

Actually, in the fair summer 2019, Real has started construction Galacticos 3.0, to spend 303 million euros in the transfer window - set a record for the amount paid out in the first transfer window of the World Soccer rock. However, pressure-side strike has not brought the desired effect, forcing President Perez continues to slope deposit in the next transfer window.

Still according to this source, the budget of the Royal team Spain for summer 2020 is 400 million euros - more than what they already spent 1 year ago.

The first goal of president Florentino Perez is putting all of one striker, or 1-class midfielder. "Los Blancos" need upgrading by Luka Modric in midfield began to decline because of the burden of age, while Toni Kroos nor maintain top form in the 2019/20 season.

The names in the area of ​​"planning"

Two names on the list of goals for Real Paul Pogba and Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. Previously, elite Real worries that they must observe the rule of law Equity financing (FFP). Remember MU wants to get from 160 million euros to 180 million euros for Pogba. Meanwhile, Lazio also shouted price above 100 million euros Savic - goals that MU should also shook his head.

Break Ronaldo, Real browse 400 million euros to build a new galaxy
Mbappe and Haaland located in the area "planning" of the Real (Image Source: Internet)

Mbappe and Haaland located in the area "planning" of the Real

But thankfully for Real, pandemic caused Covid-19 European Football Federation intends to suspend financial Fairness Act. Therefore, Real can comfortably spend without having to fear that they may be facing severe penalties as Manchester City recently received.

But the new restaurant where President Perez priority, as it has with the orchestra Galacticos 1.0 and 2.0. If staging Galacticos 1.0 renowned strikers like Ronaldo in attack where "fat", Raul, Owen ... the Galacticos 2.0 gathering Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale ...

With Galacticos 3.0, which would be Kylian Mbappe and Neymar Junior. Also, "white vultures" also considering pursuing Erling Haaland in summer. Norway striker is making the big team restlessness because of the possibility of his impressive goalscorer.

Recruit these names is not easy. Neymar was from Barcelona to PSG for £ 222 million euro and PSG entirely possible given the same price (or higher) for Real. Besides, the story of Neymar wages must also be thoroughly discussed. Because the contract with Neymar still valid to 2022 should PSG not in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Kylian Mbappe the 2018 World Cup champion, but he is an important player in the game of coach Didier Deschamps counterattack with horrifying scenes storm through the left side.

That is why so many European giants eyeing this young French striker, especially after he refused to negotiate a contract extension with PSG which will expire in 2021. This is also a good sign for Real, in the construction "Galaxy 3.0".