Barcelona has a turbulent summer 2020. Covid-19 makes them heavy losses, losing the championship of La Liga and lost to shame in the Champions League led Quique Setien was fired, Lionel Messi is doubtful to leave shortly after Ronald Koeman came to power, and ultimately Messi stay but the club again demanded he pay cut. Those are the ideal little preparation for the new season.

Griezmann has sought to Man City ahead of Messi (Image Source: Internet)

Griezmann has sought to Manchester City before Messi

But things can have gone in a direction completely different. Recently journalist Gerard Romero in Barcelona has revealed that Antoine Griezmann, who has played his first season at the Nou Camp so faint, tried to "escape" to Manchester City in the summer. And the main destination is Manchester City, the club had to buy Messi.

Romero said a representative for Griezmann has established contacts with Manchester City from seeking early June, ie when football Spain has not come back, that Griezmann know his future at Barca nothing bright especially when Messi was playing. However, the City only say they are concerned but will wait until the end of the season to the next, and then the opportunity to buy Messi appeared.

Griezmann so that must stay in Barca for next season, but Mundo Deportivo newspaper also brought a surprise addition to the club's fans: Griezmann almost had alongside another striker is not as Luis Suarez Messi. After Messi claimed the club wanted to give the coach Koeman has spoken to leaders Barca and proposed a player that he wants to bring in to create a new public goods.

Koeman wants to reunite with Lukaku after Messi announced his intention to leave Barca

Striker Romelu Lukaku is that Inter Milan, who draped under Koeman Everton and scored 27 goals & 7 is generated in single season two teachers and students working together at Goodison Park. Koeman wants to pay back position Griezmann striker Lukaku stone and to plug in attack Barca when no Messi & Suarez.

Barca leadership listened Koeman proposal but eventually they intend to buy Lukaku dismissed as too expensive, he was 4-year contract with Inter Milan, while Barca are short of money. That led to Barca's pursuit of Lyon Memphis Depay because cheaper but is also a favorite student of Koeman.

Though still unfinished business with Barcelona Depay recently when the coach Koeman has revealed the reason: "We have to offload players from the club before you can buy a new one."