MU's lively summer that Vice President Ed Woodward promised way back to such a desired Manucian. Late yesterday, young talent was noted in the recent period - Mason Greenwood in the England first up painting has caused.

Greenwood Foden same cause in first painter to England (Image Source: Internet)

Greenwood Foden same cause in first painter to England

Mason Greenwood and other young players of Manchester City is Phil Foden excluded from the England squad after scandals led to a strange girl's team hotel in Iceland. The duo then also be fined 1,300 police Iceland tables each for violating the order of social spacing. Both 2 and then be brought back to the UK and will be quarantined before returning to play for Manchester United and Manchester City.

MU side quickly put out a statement expressing disappointment about the scandal last Greenwood: "Manchester United have contacted the FA and is disappointed with the actions of Greenwood in this incident." But this is not the first time a player suffering from scandal MU in summer 2020.

Earlier, captain Harry Maguire even within labor management problems in traveling hi in Greece. Signings of Manchester United £ 80 million last summer accused of many offenses as "assault, verbal attacks and try to bribe an officer".

MU captain - Harry Maguire even police arrest (Image Source: Internet)

MU captain - Harry Maguire even police arrest

Maguire Greek police arrest related to emergency because scuffle in Mykonos island. At that time, the star 27 with Fern Hawkins fiancee and friends to a fun bar and clashed with groups of tourists come from the UK.

Things became more serious when the police appeared, Maguire even behavioral response, attack functional forces. The result is that 3 people were detained overnight, while Harry Maguire. And after the trial, the captain of MU were even Greek court sentenced 21-month suspended sentence, then lose its capacity to England.

Meanwhile, the most expensive star and the club's history to hold the world record transfer - Paul Pogba could make an Covid-19. London players to have fun with friends, and then tested positive for the virus. Pogba must currently quarantined for 14 days. The Frenchman's wife, Maria Zulay Salaues pregnant must also conduct tests and self-isolation.

Paul Pogba unfortunately suffer Covid-19 after an outing

A rare bright spot came from the United players past time is the name Victor Lindelof. The defender and went out for about 10 hours of 30 am on 24/8 in their home country Sweden, accidentally saw a man riding a bicycle robbed a bag of old grandmothers. Lindelof running away to chase the robbers, then controlled and arrested before handling over to the police.