According to Mundo Deportivo newspaper revelations, Barcelona is still difficult in the mission of bringing Neymar to the Camp Nou Junior back. The managing team PSG are not willing to reduce prices Brazilian superstar, and want to recover 222 million euros paid in 2017 summer fair.

Barca having Neymar acquisitions (Image Source: Internet)

Barca having Neymar acquisitions

This situation forced the leadership of Barcelona to take the other direction. Accordingly, Barca B is planning for the summer transfer market in 2020, if not successful acquisition efforts Neymar. 9/7 of the daily Sport said the contingency plans of Origin team Catalunya is Jadon Sancho.

In planning towards 2020/21 season, Barca prepare to sell a wide range of players to purchase new star budget. Sport guide inside source revealed, Dortmund has not approved the first proposal sent to Barca.

Accordingly, Dortmund request transfer costs of 130 million euros Jadon Sancho. This amount is much lower acquisition costs Neymar. However, the Barca just want to spend no more than 100 million euros due to the financial impact after the pandemic Covid-19.

Reality at the present time, if selected between Neymar and Sancho, perhaps the Barca will select English players. Sancho Jadon was 20 and is a factor building long-term future. Meanwhile, Neymar has over 28 half-year birthday.

With a brilliant season, Jadon is the name promises Sancho pole "hot" on the European transfer market. He achieved outstanding achievements in color shirt Dortmund with 20 goals and 19 assists from season 2019/20.

Barcelona side hopes that the two teams have a good relationship and will continue to do business together smoothly. The two sides worked Ousmane Dembele deal in 2017. This is also the sale of the best players in Dortmund history.

French player to Barca for 105 million euros, plus options worth 40 million euros total. Barca hope this relationship to help the club succeed in their efforts to sign Jadon Sancho, though Sancho supposedly closer to MU.

Sancho is reached the sights of Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho is reached the sights of Barcelona

Earlier, according to Forbes, MU is still in progress confirms the important steps to bring back to England Jadon Sancho. Barca have the advantage over Manchester United is ready to add to the contract transfer some young players. One possibility is small not borrow Ansu Fati Dortmund in season 2.

Statistical evaluation page and CIES Football Observatory player Jadon Sancho pricing ranges from 150 to 200 million euros. Teen best players the world in 2019 is now also the appetite of the elite United, Liverpool and especially great rivals Real Madrid.

Mundo Deportivo still follow, Real Madrid club properties sent to Dortmund offer worth 70 million euros for Jadon Sancho. And it promises to increase gradually after the negotiations, until the two sides find a unified voice, or Sancho has other more suitable berth.