Inter Milan target Messi

"Just a word if, one can leave Paris in a bottle" - the classic adage of Westerners. But indeed, there are word if that will change the world. With football, too. If Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona ...

Mourinho wants to bring Messi to Inter in 2008 (Image Source: Internet)

Mourinho wants to bring Messi to Inter in 2008

"We have approached Messi but he does not want to leave Barca. Messi very grateful Barca. In some transactions, money is not the deciding factor," former director of the club Inter Milan - Mr. Marco Branca told Libero of the deal "blockbuster" botched 2008.

At that time, Inter Milan completely serious about this transaction. In early 2008, President Massimo Moratti publicly expressed admiration for Lionel Messi. "Messi is the dream of every team. He was the best. But unfortunately Messi refused to leave Barca," Goal quoted former president of the Inter recently.

Should know, Inter Milan have a certain basis for confidence in this transaction. Beginning in 2008 when Inter began to approach to Messi, Barca are at the twilight time Frank Rijkaard. Meanwhile, Messi advances constantly and is on track to become the new superstar of the Camp Nou.

Also by its high luminous stage Barca downfall, Messi are leaders Inter aiming to replace the "Emperor" Adriano, who is slowly losing her after the pain of losing his father, to combine with Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the line public. Charges of breaking a contract with Barca's Argentine striker then about 200 million euros.

Football history narrowly to site

Inter now has appointed Jose Mourinho is set goals and conquer the Champions League after years of dominance in Serie A Team of Milano then overflowing ambitious, and very rich when Moratti backing.

Messi clinches stay and eat 6 2008/09 season with Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Messi clinches stay and eat 6 2008/09 season with Barcelona

Inter Milan side hope that they can persuade Messi Barcelona sold for € 100 million at that time. If this deal happens, Messi not Ronaldo, is the record holder of the football transfer world - until MU recruit Paul Pogba 105 million euros in the summer 2016.

That is a huge sum at the time of the summer of 2008. It should be remembered, though Ronaldo while her hit, also "only" joined Real Madrid for a fee of 94 million euros and holds the record for the assignment. Therefore, the above proposal seriously enough to put Barcelona on the negotiating table. Nevertheless, Messi was not excited about the prospect to Italy to play football.

Lionel Messi to stay and soon after the fair was the summer of 2008, coach Pep Guardiola has brought great success to Barcelona with owls eat 6 unprecedented 2008/09 season. Messi himself nor the slightest remorse, when he had stage 4 title holding consecutive Golden Ball along with teacher Guardiola.

Buy deficit Messi, Mourinho's team recruited players who fit the philosophy of playing strength of the Portuguese teacher. Sulley Muntari, Thiago Motta, Lucio Giuseppe Meazza dock turn then followed by Wesley Sneijder, Diego Milito, Samuel Eto'o ...

If Inter, Messi will miss Barcelona owls eat 6 together, or this team when not Messi nor can eat 6. Meanwhile, although Inter can not buy Messi but 2010 also clinches eat 3 with Mourinho. Notably, Mourinho's Inter beat Barca on the journey to eat 3 season 2009/10.