The idea Juventus will sign a contract with Edin Džeko from AS Roma, but at the last minute changed his mind who Turin. Instead of contracting with a striker 34, "Old Lady" option Álvaro Morata, 27 year-old striker scored the home side yard mark with Allianz.

Morata has officially returned to Juventus (Image Source: Internet)

Morata has officially returned to Juventus

Juventus on loan from Atletico Madrid with Álvaro Morata 10 million euro fee. Serie A champions have 9 consecutive year buyout option worth 45 million euros. Basically, this is a safe deal with the Turin club, even if the loan fee is assessed as high.

Álvaro Morata each jacket Juventus in two seasons, 2014/15 and 2015/16. This is a stage success in the career of Morata. He played 93 games, scoring 27 goals for the "Old Lady". Spain striker who shine brightly in the trophy finalists Juventus Champions League 2014/15, including curtain scored in 2 semifinals before Real Madrid's former team.

Back to Turin with loan signings, Álvaro Morata will have to demonstrate the value of ourselves, Andrea Agnelli convinced President and leaders Juventus spent 45 million euros to buy outright from Atletico. This is no easy task, but also not impossible.

By anyway Morata also each have two seasons to play here, each coach Andrea Pirlo alongside the young coach this game. Pirlo has great sympathy with his brother for a while, and that's why he persuaded leaders Juventus take on Allianz Morata.

Since the date of leaving Juventus to Real Madrid in the summer back in 2016 to now, Morata underwent submersible floating career. 1 jacket 2016/17 season Real allows Morata touch to the major titles such as Champions League or La Liga. But the "Prince" of Madrid not play under his striking coach Zinedine Zidane.

Adventure in Chelsea or back Atletico Madrid caps not bring success as expected of striker born in 1992. So, once reunited Juventus meant important for his career. If that fails, Morata will face extremely bleak future in Atletico.

Morata could be a major threat for Ronaldo

But if the last play coach Andrea Pirlo into, Álvaro Morata threat will actually with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Because both are playing the role of a true No. 9. They are people who want to role-play in the Allianz owners.

Meanwhile, the next 5/2 days, Ronaldo turns 36. 2019/20 season, CR7 has played extremely well, scoring 31 goals in Serie A and 37 goals in all competitions. However, after the 2020/21 season, no one dared to make something. If you have to compete with the role of Morata, a younger player CR7 8 years old is not easy.

On the other hand, the salary of Cristiano Ronaldo is a problem. CR7 is entitled to remuneration of up to 30 million euros, much higher than the wages paid to Álvaro Morata Juventus. Ronaldo's contract is still valid until the summer 2022. Therefore, if Morata play well and can take on the task of scoring that Ronaldo leave, "Old Lady" can confidently sell CR7 in summer 2021 to avoid lost.