PSG officially owns Icardi

Home PSG officially announced the buyout clause triggered striker Mauro Icardi. In the notice reads: "PSG is pleased to announce the signing of a contract with Mauro Icardi in the form of a permanent transfer after the striker on loan from Inter Milan in the 2019/20 season."

Icardi official PSG from Inter Milan buyout (Image Source: Internet)

Official PSG from Inter Milan buyout Icardi

Mauro Icardi 4-year contract with PSG, to March 6/2024. To own Argentine striker in the team, the home side yard Princes Park to spend 50 million euros to add 8 million euros postpaid depending contributions of players.

PSG started the season on loan from 2019/20 Icardi from Inter Milan. Champion coat color in France, 27 years old Argentine striker played impressive with 20 goals and 4 phase is generated after 31 appearances in all competitions.

One other notable details of the acquisition is a contract clause "against Juventus." Specifically, if PSG sold Icardi for Juventus, champions France will have to pay extra for Inter 15 million euros more.

This transfer can be seen as liberation for both Icardi and Inter. Prior to PSG, Inter Icardi captained for many years, and have worked closely with this team since 2013. However, this relationship later deteriorated.

After parting Icardi, homepage Inter made the announcement a mere 47 words: "Inter Milan claimed the transfer of Mauro Icardi for PSG striker born in 1993 has been completely transferred to the French team. Club thanks bridge 6 players in the season for us and wish him achieve the best things in my career in the future. "

MU thus benefit?

Mauro Icardi served as captain of Inter, but then lost its position. Coach Antonio Conte when came to power, the Argentine striker was brought to PSG on loan. Promoting buyout Icardi synonymous with opportunity stay at the Prince Park Edison Cavani almost gone.

Cavani is likely to MU (Image Source: Internet)

Cavani is likely to MU

Uruguayan striker will expire contract with PSG late June and is said to be willing to reduce to 40% of salary to be retained. In case of parting PSG, Cavani will have certain berth to navigate to. In it, he grew MU is considered capable of Cavani earned the highest signature.

In January last, Manchester United and Atletico fierce competition to own 33-year-old striker. However, self-PSG Cavani wants to stay until the end of the season. The reason is that by Cavani hopes last season still on the payroll of the team to Paris, you can conquer the Champions League title.

Also, when PSG leadership was also trying to prevent the deal, due also to share power in many fronts. But now, Cavani knew his future was, and perhaps more likely surface MU promotion, contract negotiations. An attractive wage would help "Reds" Cavani ownership.

During his career, Cavani has scored 403 goals, including 353 goals in for club and national team 50 goals for Uruguay. If the addition of Cavani, certainly in attack "Reds" will have a choice well worth the wait.