This time, MU was ranked 5th in the Premier League standings and least 3 points compared to the Top 4 teams in the Champions League. When Premiership timing back, Tottenham and Manchester United will be the focus of round 29 match when Mourinho encounter former team, the former student. Meanwhile, Paul Pogba will have the opportunity to come back after a long injury.

Blazing Premiership back: MU fear of sliding the Top 4, Solskjaer & Pogba leave?
Solskjaer confront Mourinho (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer confront Mourinho

However, three points will be the ultimate goal of both teams. Because at the present time, this is a very important condition to continue the race Top 4.

Because the post-pandemic breaks are forcing the boundaries of failure and success are very slim, MU will be prepared for any situation that may occur. In it, Solskjaer might just hold the seat if United can win the Champions League tickets.

According to former striker Berbatov, coach Solskjaer is receiving tremendous support from the upper world, "Red Devils". However, the Top 4 Premier League new location is secured "hot seat" of the Norwegian military rulers.

"It is very positive will come if MU can finish in the top four Premiership. That would be the assertion, confidence Solskjaer. He has suffered criticism, pressure and people continuous speculation over his chair. Manchester United reached the top 4 will strengthen the work of the military situation at Old Trafford ". Berbatov closed.

In another development, on Sky Sports commentator, Paul Merson also claims about MU Underground ticket can not win the Top 4 will cause Pogba's future at Old Trafford is affected.

"Pogba back, he's eager to be involved in the match. 6 weeks and 9 rounds in the Premiership will be the answer for the future of him. If Pogba play well next to Bruno Fernandes, he maybe thinking of staying.

However, MU has reasons to meet the requirements of Pogba. For if anything is wrong, he will choose to leave. Pandemic Covid-19 is also one of the reasons he left prevented Old Trafford ".

Blazing Premiership back: MU fear of sliding the Top 4, Solskjaer & Pogba leave?
If sliding Top 4, Pogba & Solskjaer will go (Image Source: Internet)

If sliding Top 4, Pogba & Solskjaer will go

Midfielder Paul Pogba future is one of the topics to be discussed a lot in recent times. The Frenchman only contract with Manchester United until summer 2021 but has not yet renewed. Some sources said the French striker being contact with Real Madrid and Juventus.