Ole Gunnar Solskjaer recently confirmed, the championship of Liverpool has a huge impact to MU. And in the next 2020/21 season, "Red Devils" will do everything to return to the championship race. For this, the home side at Old Trafford should have the transfer in summer 2020 this big.

Big boss happy message for MU Ajax: Ever catch
Ajax had to sell many of their stars, as De Ligt, De Jong or Ziyech (Image Source: Internet)

Ajax had to sell many of their stars, as De Ligt, De Jong or Ziyech

According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United are a great opportunity to recruit Donny van de Beek. Managing side Ajax Amsterdam team confirmed that they are forced to sell the stars in the team, due to the financial situation of the Dutch team in trouble.

In fact, Van de Beek each claim is negotiating a contract with Real Madrid before the pandemic outbreak Covid-19. However, due to the financial situation encountered losses, team Royal Spanish little chance to catch Donny van de Beek in the Bernabeu and is reviewing the transfer policy.

Meanwhile, MU - as identified by the Daily Mail, is pursuing Donny van de Beek seriously. With its high stability and a pillar of Ajax during 3 years, Van de Beek are scouts MU closely monitored throughout the 2019/20 season. Recently, the "Reds" is said to speak with representatives of the Van de Beek, wants the two sides soon sit at the negotiating table.

In an interview with the answer Het Parool, the head coach of Ajax - Erik ten Hag he said: "The market value of players will decline slightly, not much. Based on performance and their ambition, some players we want to move abroad. "

This military rulers confirmed: "The proposal was launched with Andre Onana, Donny van de Beek and Nicolas Tagliafico, but remains to be seen whether the market has really changed or not. For Van de Beek Onana and a 1 year stay might be an option. "

Earlier, the former Manchester United - the legendary goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar, who is now CEO of Ajax Amsterdam spoke before the media to openly future of Van de Beek. CEO of Dutch side confirmed, ready to create conditions for players to berth larger ambitions.

Van der Sar confirmed: "Both Real Madrid and Manchester United are paying attention to Donny van de Beek. Last year, we agreed with Andre Onana Nicolas Tagliafico and van de Beek to stay one season more. We seek help and find new steps for their careers. "

Big boss happy message for MU Ajax: Ever catch
Manchester United have the opportunity to own Van de Beek (Image Source: Internet)

Manchester United have the opportunity to own Van de Beek

Last season, Ajax have lost the Champions League title and then two talented players Frenkie De Jong and De Ligt MATHIJS leave. Now, they are ready to agree to sell always Donny van de Beek star, the condition will not be adding any price discount. "Nothing changed at all and no matter 50%, the club should forget it" key again Edwin van der Sar.

Thus, the problem is money. If MU offer a number sufficient to satisfy the Ajax, the home side at Old Trafford can own one of the best offensive players in Europe at present. In the Dutch league this season, Van der Beek has 8 goals and 5 assists to the season 2018/19 was 9 goals and 10 line is created. A year earlier, 23-year-old player has 11 goals and 6 line is created.