Messi, Ronaldo and Maradona are three of the greatest players football world has ever produced. The ratings they played together in attack will generate destructive power can not imagine. However, according to Simeone, Messi and Maradona can share the team, but the addition of Ronaldo on the same team with them is "impossible".

Bewildered common reason can not side with Ronaldo and Messi Maradona
Simeone did not think 3 this myth can be combined together (Image Source: Internet)

Simeone did not think 3 this myth can be combined together

Said on Argentine Football Association, Simeone said: "Messi and Maradona are the different type of player. Messi is a scoring machine that I have a headache to deal in recent years. Meanwhile, Maradona football representing the Argentine improvisation. I think 2 of them can play together. "

"But if more Cristiano again it will be more complicated. Then the team will have many flaws. I always say that if a player does not run, it was okay. 2 players do not run, the team will be difficult. If 3 people do not run, the team will collapse ", Simeone giving reasons.

Philosophy run on the field is one of the immutable principles of the tactics of the period Simeone Atletico Madrid golden, when the collective strength precedence over individual efforts. This approach of Simeone was particularly effective during this time, when they kick off the Champions League this season Liverpool in an infested stifle competition, especially in the first leg.

Back problems, debate watch Messi with Maradona, who is still better than no feedback at all. Recently, the former central defender Fabio Cannavaro has admitted Messi is the world's No. 1 but Maradona came from a different world. Meanwhile, when asked about former players between Messi and Ronaldo races, most are selected Messi stand over rival Portugal.

Meanwhile, Simeone compliment each Ronaldo is a "monster scorer": "It's hard to get ready to face a player like Ronaldo. He is a monster scorer. He has great skills with the head, shot, pass the ball, move. I can say anything about his skills? We had to endure him. "