France Football magazine has accompanied arena C1 European Cup since the tournament was born in 1955 and continues to accompany version Champions League since 1992. The owner of the Golden Ball this award brings not know how many posts memorable and special parameters of the game at the most prestigious arena former continent.

Best goals C1 Cup: Ronaldo
Owls "hookahs reclining" Ronaldo against Juventus in 2018 (Image Source: Internet)

Owls "hookahs reclining" Ronaldo against Juventus in 2018

Recently the magazine has decided to organize a poll 50 best goals in the history of the UEFA Champions League, ballot from journalists representing each of the UEFA member nations. And in the latest edition of the France Football has published a list of 10 goals received the most votes.

No. 1 belongs volley by Zinedine Zidane history in the Champions League final in 2002 between Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen have reached the highest number of votes. Besides this is a spectacular goals, the importance of it must make voters more preferred.

List witnessed a significant presence of those who hook the ball hit the shot in the air, including the single "Settle hookahs" famous Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale in the 2017/18 season. But goals from Ronaldo only 2nd, 6th Bale hook the ball after a shot by Philippe Mexes other (AC Milan) through Anderlecht and Mario Mandzukic hook the ball in the final of 2017 No. 8.

Best goals C1 Cup: Ronaldo
Picturesque description hindquarters ball hook shot Mauro Bressan (Image Source: Internet)

Picturesque description ball hook shot Mauro Bressan hindquarters

2nd place is also a hook ball, but the keeper Mauro Bressan scored to be done outside the penalty area with a distance of 23 meters, the ball dropped right corner in a dangerous half of the match between Fiorentina against Barcelona in 1999. Goals this has also been elected a 2nd beautiful goal in Champions League history (after the table of Zidane) in a poll of ITV (UK).

Alternating between 2 single "Settle hookahs" Ronaldo and Mexes volley is straight from the bar's midfield for Inter Milan's Dejan Stanković Manuel Neuer of Schalke through 04, 2011. Michael Essien (Chelsea) appeared at No. 7 with a volley from outside the box lowered Barcelona, ​​it is in the semi-finals of the infamous 2009 season.

In the last 2 positions of the top 10, shot away without gearing Ronaldinho (Barcelona) against Chelsea in 2005 was voted at No. 9. The remaining tables are shot "cannon" melancholy spirit of Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal) lowered Galatasaray 2014.