Beckham is a member of "Generation 92" MU divine. He made his debut wearing a "Reds" in 1992 when he was 17 years old. Then, the star of this romantic more 394 games for Manchester United before moving to Real Madrid in 2003. During the period of playing at Old Trafford, Beckham has closely with many monuments of world football.

Beckham chose MU dream team: defense faint, between superheroes online
Giggs and Beckham in the early stage career (Image Source: Internet)

Giggs and Beckham in the early stage career

Recently, The Sun has revealed the squad includes 11 players who played the most games MU with Becks. In which the absence of surprises.

At a goalkeeper, whose name was Peter Schmeichel can not be otherwise. Schmeichel and Beckham has played 183 matches together, the last time was the final of the Champions League go down in history with Bayern Munich in 1999. In particular, in the last 29 games appear on the pitch together, they both help MU is not lost.

Defense is where create the most unexpected. The right wing is certainly Gary Neville, who created linkages with Becks extremely food ideas to the corridor of MU in the golden period. Gary is also the player with the most games in the MU Becks (378 games, 59 games in England). The opposite side is the brother of Gary, Phil Neville, with 275 appearances and Becks.

Center back is not so well-known name: Ronny Johnsen and Mikael Silvestre. Johnsen (136 games) and Silvestre (151 games) are the players at most games with Becks in this squad, but still more than the center-top appeared simultaneously with Becks at Old Trafford as Jaap Stam and Rio Ferdinand.

However, they appear in important moments in the career of Becks. Silvestre's last match with Beckham's last game of Becks at MU in 2003. Meanwhile, the first match of Johnsen with Becks is the game that the blonde star scoring from midfield to life through Wimbledon.

In midfield, all the essence of MU are located here. Both names appear 3/4 in midfield in this squad are members of "Generation 92" as Becks, it's Nicky Butt (290 games), Paul Scholes (342 games) and Ryan Giggs (294 matches ). The rest captain Roy Keane (257 games). Republic of Ireland star who also has the most number of appearances and Becks, as in the non-player academy MU.

Striker 2 is the presence of the names Becks "indirect" the most: Andy Cole (241 games) and Ole Gunnar Solskjær (238 games). Cole has recently had occasion to work closely with Becks in a charity friendly match between Manchester United and former Bayern Munich player. Meanwhile, each time mentioning Solskjaer - incumbent coach of MU - Becks always won these sentences express admiration from adults.

The team plays the most games with Beckham at Manchester United

Beckham chose MU dream team: defense faint, between superheroes online
The regrettable absence The most unfortunate of these is probably the legendary Old Trafford, Eric Cantona. Cantona moment MU in 1992 landed at Becks was given the chance in the first team. However, both play together is not enough variety. The same thing happens with Dwight Yorke and Teddy Sheringham. Besides, Dennis Irwin must also stay out of pity when he only played 231 matches and Becks. (Image Source: Internet)