The match between Bayern Munich and Schalke in the Bundesliga Round 1 has many impressive photos, prompting fans to marvel at. And of course, it belongs to the Bayern players - who destroys opponents with a 8-0 victory. Situation created by Robert Lewandowski is one example.

Bayern peak power: Lewandowski tectonic rabona, millions of admiring fans
Tectonic situation caste Lewandowski (Image Source: Internet)

Tectonic situation caste Lewandowski

After 69 minutes, Robert Lewandowksi broke into restricted areas Schalke break. Poland striker defender Kabak Ozan tackle drastic but still can hold the ball. Lewandowski quickly implement rabona cross (cross-legged), after noticing no roll angle shot off the crossbar.

Treatment phase of the striker 9 made crafts completely unexpected visitors. Thomas Muller came online comfortable two goal cushion before launching neat ball beat goalkeeper Faehrmann.

Rabona tectonic situation helps Lewandowski praise of experts and fans on social networking sites. The majority of fans expressed their excitement, while confirming could not look away while watching the star perform phase 32.

Volley into Muller's goals is also an important moment. This phase set 200 goals milestone German players scored for Bayern. With the result last night, sure Bayern will be the team leader after round 1 ranking Bundesliga. "Bayern" had a smooth start on the road to defend the title of the season 2020/21.