Bayern dominated the European

Bayern Munich has the 6th championship C1 Cup / Champions League. They crowned the 2019/20 season extremely convincing way, back to European football throne after 7 years. This is an achievement worthy for a long-term strategy, science and efficiency of the team in Bavaria.

Bayern Munich
Bayern coach Flick turned into army of invincibility in the Champions League 2019/20 (Image Source: Internet)

Bayern coach Flick turned into army of invincibility in the Champions League 2019/20

In the 2019/20 Champions League campaign of Bayern, easy coach Hansi Flick noticed that has been a great combination between outstanding young talent and veteran stars to create the best team in Europe this time.

Though there are certain regret for PSG - losing team in the final in Lisbon recently, undeniable that the strength of Bayern already seemed. And when they become the new king of Europe, no more mixed opinions. It is simply a collective excellence than any other group in the Champions League this year.

What about next year, why? Many people are asking questions and waiting for answers to that question, which is whether Bayern can follow Real Madrid, becoming the second team in the Champions League era to successfully defend this title.

Not until 2016/17 season, Real clearing the curse which existed 24 years of the Champions League, there is defend the championship title. Not only that, the Army coach Zidane was crowned Europe to 3 years in a row. Witness the power of Bayern, many people expect, "Bayern" will still be the king of Europe in season 2020/21.

In the campaign just ended a satisfactory way, the success of Bayern Munich is not thanks to the excellence of a particular player or a magic moment from a world-class talent yet. Instead, it is based on team spirit and belief is inspired by Flick.

Whether "old obligation reset"?

In the hands of coach Flick was then staging force evenly and most European elite. These players have played brilliant for "Bayern" last season is Serge Gnabry (25), Kingsley Coman (24), Alphonso Davies (19), Joshua Kimmich (25), Leon Goretzka (25) remains still very young. They absolutely can play well in the next campaign as well as for years to come.

Bayern are expected to continue next season's Champions League

And do not forget, veterans of Bayern played well like in the 2019/20 treble. Robert Lewandowski has lost in the finals in 2013 before the Bayern - when he was on the payroll Dortmund. But ultimately, the Polish striker who also have the Champions League was the first in his career.

At the age of 32, the Polish striker had the most uplifting season with 55 goals and a career 10 tectonics after 47 matches in all competitions. If Bayern win the treble, the personal impression also Lewandowski hat-trick scorer in the Bundesliga, German Cup and Champions League National. He has 15 goals after 11 games in the arena most prestigious European club level this season.

Meanwhile, Thomas Muller broke the record in the Bundesliga with 21 tectonic times facilitate incorporation teammates in the season 2019/20. He made 535 appearances for Bayern since being on a team, scored 199 goals and added 193 with tectonics. Remember, only 30 years old Mueller.

Manuel Neuer (34) is the oldest member of the Bayern squad but impressive performances in the Champions League finals with PSG showed that he was still at the peak for several more years. That is also why the head coach Joachim Low Germany Tel still prefer him over Marc-André ter Stegen.

And yet, Bayern already strong, but there are additional very noticeable. Wings "Bayern" next season will be more and more frightening when there are additional named Leroy Sane. New home Champions League promises to be even more shopping in the coming days.

Of course, owns a powerful team that will not guarantee for the championship. Last season, Liverpool are appreciated, but only because of the mistakes of the "stunt man" Adrian, who immediately turned into Merseyside former King.

Therefore, no one can know in advance Bayern next season will play out back, protected by its European crown or not. Just know that this team every 3 years Bavaria consecutive championship when the Champions League also called C1 Cup, playing with old procedures from 1973 to 1976.