Last summer, Leo Messi has created waves when officially demanded to leave Barcelona. After a negotiation between the two sides, things finally ran smoothly and Argentine superstar has accepted to stay because not want to sue the team has made a name for himself.

Barcelona welcome news: Losses too heavy, Messi has the right to leave immediately?
Messi has a chance to leave Barcelona immediately without litigation (Image Source: Internet)

Messi has a chance to leave Barcelona immediately without litigation

However, according to the latest information from Marca, then Messi is likely to leave Barcelona immediately without recourse litigation. Cause coming from the heavy losses of the Camp Nou due to translation Covid-19. According to the latest financial report, Barcelona 97 million euros loss and own debt amounted to 488 million euros.

This situation makes the Origin team Catalunya forced please use Erte (law temporary layoffs) second. Earlier, they used to use this law in March to reduce the burden on wages in the time of football stalled because Covid-19. Government of Spain and the new permit extends to May 1/2021 Erte.

However, Barcelona will face many difficulties with this plan. They need to get the consent of the employee to modify the contract. For the players, they will send a representative to negotiate with the club about salaries being cut. In previous cuts, Leo Messi has been chosen, but this time, the name was chosen remains unclear.

President Bartomeu and colleagues to persuade Messi to stay and accept a wage cut

Another problem is the wage cuts of Barcelona can make them lose any players. According to labor law regulations of Spain, players have the right to travel freely and receive the amount equivalent to 20 days worth of salary if mutual agreement was modified because of financial problems.

To prevent this, Barcelona had to negotiate individually with players to reach an agreement. Means any player wants to leave just refuse any pay cut suggestion of Barcelona without contract term thinking how long. Besides, separate negotiations easy to cause annoyance by cuts likely will be some difference.

For private Messi, the Argentine superstar was less than a year contract with Barcelona and Catalunya Origin team has not accelerate the process of renewal. This is understandable because Barca are struggling financially while Messi's salary was tripled even 4 times the other teammates.

Does Leo Messi has chosen to go always through special legislation? It's a difficult answer whether the transfer market has closed a few days ago.