After many grews, Barcelona's superstructure was finally stable so that the players could rest assured. However, the "King of Quyen war" at the Nou Camp has left serious consequences. The economic situation of the club is not positive that Ronald Koeman does not have quality supplements.

Messi is "lonely" after leaving Barcelona by Luis Suarez (Image Source: Internet)

Messi is "lonely" after Suarez left Barcelona

For example, in the striker, Leo Messi still have to "bear" the whole file after Suarez gone, but Griezmann continued to show poor form. Fati Ansu new young talent long-term injury while Ousmane Dembele also "fragile" with legs "glass".

Contract "Fire" named Braithwaite not enough quality to find a voice in the Barca squad.

Therefore, the search for a new striker for Barcelona is quite urgent. However, this requirement creates another problem. It is the team's financial Catalunya origin does not allow "bomb attacks" in the near future, but if you buy the "item" midrange as Braithwaite did not bring much effect.

So Barcelona will towards any names to fit the criteria "delicious cheap" current?

According to Jose Alvarez reporter of TV channel El Chiringuito (Spain) reveals, the name Camp Nou team is looking forward to Sergio Aguero. Jose Alvarez as a close friend of Argentine striker Aguero adds very excited about this landing.

Aguero's contract with Manchester City will finish in the summer of 2021, meaning that the striker has the right to negotiate with a new team in the transfer right to freely leave and 6 months later. Recently, continuous Aguero injury and being overweight should not exceed Etihad Stadium team interested in retaining the Argentine striker.

Messi and Aguero are close friends for many years

Maybe not so useful Aguero with Manchester City, but with totally different Barcelona. Camp Nou side are missing a number "9" authentic, and should be able to operate wide to make space for Messi. Aguero extremely fit and very familiar with this style by both regularly play together in the Argentina shirt color.

Besides, the speed of the game in La Liga is not comparable to the Premier League should Aguero can fully adapt, though he was pretty much heavy than before. Before joining Man City, the Argentine striker of Atletico list in coat color should neither surprise when the old place back.

Of course, the story Aguero move to Barcelona has succeeded to more than a half years away from becoming a reality. During that period, Messi might still be "bent" to help Barcelona seek glory after the "failures" in the previous season.