In the summer 2020 transfer window, Lionel Messi makes the whole world shaken decision requires parting Barcelona. However, after the hit, the Argentine superstar concessions decided to stay until the end of the contract.

Barcelona coach Koeman purge to serve Messi: 12 stars on beach is?
Lionel Messi (Image Source: Internet)

Lionel Messi

Currently, Barcelona superstar 33're comfortable as possible in the new season. Through the revelations of new coach Ronald Koeman, this is partly confirmed: "Messi is the best player and very professional. He is a very important factor of Barcelona, ​​has shown this for years. Hope Messi continued to show that performance in the season 2020/21. "

Obviously to be successful, the Dutch strategist understands that building the team around Messi is impossible otherwise. Because from past to present, how to comfortably devote Messi is always a top priority 1 in Barcelona. If you do not do that, player or coach despite how brilliant would not have the opportunity to work permanently in the Nou Camp.

However, according to Mundo Deportivo newspaper revelations, the determination to keep Messi led Barcelona are planning to rejection up to 12 players in the squad.

The cause for the salary fund the team will continue to swell due to shoulder the huge salaries of Messi. And if unable to release the excess cases, revolution Koeman will be crushed in the bud.

Because of this, though not want but Argentine superstar is expected to break up those sticking close allies in years. But in exchange, Messi can be side by side with the new teammate of coach Koeman planned.

Of these, the most notable are those of Luis Suarez case, Sergio Busquets, Arturo Vidal, Samuel Umtiti and Ousmane Dembele will soon have to leave the Nou Camp pack. And if the "iron fist" of the coach Koeman is done successfully, Barcelona will get a substantial profit to promote two new signings include Memphis Depay and Gerginio Wijnaldum.

Summer Transfer Market 2020 will be closed on 5/10, so Barcelona need to quickly resolve these issues as soon as possible to navigate to the new season more successful after the season just gone through a white hand.

12 players are expected to break up Barcelona this summer: