Penalty of Sergio Ramos's controversial defeat by Barcelona led Real Madrid in La Liga Round 7:

El Clasico first season ended a few days but the negative balance of this match is still running hot. The turning point of the game is to blow the penalty situation after 61 minutes Juan Martinez Munuera umpire gave Real Madrid a free kick 11m after VAR organizations for comments.

Barca's bitter for losing
Ramos situations were pulled down in the penalty Lenglet of Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Ramos situations were pulled down in the penalty Lenglet Barcelona

Situations slow motion shows Sergio Ramos Lenglet shirt pulled in the penalty and Real captain has not missed an opportunity to score the 2-1 and "white vultures" final 3-1 win. If this was a normal game, everything has ended but the stressful nature of the game was "super classic" story more enjoyable.

The latest, management Barcelona outspoken criticism of its recent decisions in the game VAR this team participation on the social network. "Club Council agreed that the recent situation concerning the VAR of Barcelona have in common.

That is the VAR organization does not comply with the basic criteria of morality and justice. These decisions adverse effects directly to Barcelona and created no small advantage for the opponents of the team ". Previously, this team has also directly submit complaints to the organizers La Liga on the decision of the referee in the game, Juan Martinez Munuera "super classic".

Sport newspaper pointed out announced by the referee and linesman in the El Clasico "big fan" of Real Madrid

Barcelona why such confidence? First, some experts Spanish football including former Iturralde Gonzalez said referee that situation Lenglet no impact large enough to fork out so Sergio Ramos. Besides, Real Madrid midfielder also pushed enemy action before being pulled shirt.

In addition, Spain's Sport newspaper also found ... the referee announced Munuera Juan Martinez is a "huge fan" of Real Madrid. He is the founder of an association fans "white vultures" Los Amigos de Benidorm named the former president of Valencia, Eduardo Zaplana. Linesman in the Battle of El Clasicio, Miguel Martinez is the brother of Juan Martinez Munuera referee.

This raises the question of whether there is any manipulation of the decision of the referee to 2 member whose father is the fervent fans of Real Madrid? This story will be controversial and need to wait for La Liga organizers said. If they stand by the referee Juan Martinez sided Munuera or Barcelona? The answer still lies ahead.