Barcelona has in its ranks many honors outstanding player and not a few people who wore number 10 Lionel Messi is currently holding the shirt this time the longest in club history (11 seasons). No player in history Barca jersey No. 10 for 10 seasons.

Barca & tragedy of 10: Messi away in bitterness as Ronaldinho?
Messi is about the same fate as many other 10 Barca in history (Image Source: Internet)

Messi is about the same fate as many other Barca number 10 in history

But the sad thing is that this figure is also associated with many bitter parting of the wearer at the Nou Camp. Messi is a legal dispute with the club about his future, but before he had a series of top players departed without fanfare, from Diego Maradona and Michael Laudrup until 3 legendary Brazilian Romario, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho.

Laszlo Kubala, Luis Suarez & Evaristo

Kubala was one of 1950's Cristiano Ronaldo: Handsome, human capital, and the ability masculine "lady-killer" terrible. But lifestyle standards Kubala led after the first years of success at Barca began to be criticized. He took jersey No. 10 to hand striker Brazilian Evaristo and then midfielder Luis Suarez by coach Helenio Herrera dislike, though he remained at the club until 1961 and narrowly C1 Cup champion.

Luis Suarez emerged to become a leading midfielder when coach Herrera led and won the Golden Ball in 1960. But that year also fired coach Herrera and Barca get back to pay for the number 10 shirt Kubala led to dislike between the two men, and after the 1960/61 season away to Inter Milan Suarez has to go by the old masters.

Barca & tragedy of 10: Messi away in bitterness as Ronaldinho?
Luis Suarez won the Golden Ball at Barca but quit the club at the peak of his career to Inter Milan (Image Source: Internet)

Luis Suarez won the Golden Ball at Barca but quit the club at the peak of his career to Inter Milan

Evaristo still holds the record for more goals (5) in a match for Brazil. He joined Barca in 1957 and was awarded the number 10 shirt next season coach Herrera despite change of clothes for Suarez. Evaristo scored 78 goals in 114 appearances for Barca and 2 times La Liga champions, but he moved straight to Real Madrid in 1962 after a conflict with the club because his claim citizenship Barca service for more foreign soldiers productivity.

Hugo Sotil, Diego Maradona and Ronaldinho

Hugo Sotil Peru superstar joined Barca last summer 1973 and Johan Cruyff, Juan Manuel Asensi and Charly Rexach create powerful attack La Liga champions Barca dominated 1973/74 season, the first time after 14 years. But Sotil lose yourself for partying and alcoholism led Barca to replace Johan Neeskens buy and pushed him back to Peru in 1977.

Diego Maradona set the world record transfer of Barcelona in 1982 and was awarded the jersey No. 10 immediately, but his second year at the club was a nightmare. Besides rumors began drug addiction, the list also felled the Argentine leg by 1 Athletic Bilbao players. Maradona at the end of the altercation Catalunya after losing the King Cup final in 1984 before Bilbao.

Barca & tragedy of 10: Messi away in bitterness as Ronaldinho?
Sotil - Maradona - Ronaldinho: South America 3 10 Barca are the club propulsive horn blank (Image Source: Internet)

Sotil - Maradona - Ronaldinho: 3 out of 10 South American clubs propelled Barca were not fanfare

Bang goes back to 2003 Barca number 10 immediately awarded for a rookie artist other pitch. Ronaldinho finally succeeded at the Nou Camp with two La Liga, 1 Champions League and 1 Ballon for him personally, but the slump in the last 2 seasons before being coach Pep Guardiola pushed away without hesitation.

Laudrup, Romario, Rivaldo & Riquelme

Michael Laudrup led the "Dream Team" by Johan Cruyff's Barca created in the early 1990s and was wearing jersey No. 10 in the 1990/91 season, the first season La Liga champions Barcelona under Cruyff. But after the Dane list is not selected for the final Cruyff C1 Cup 1994 (lost to AC Milan 0-4), Laudrup left for Real Madrid and immediately help Real end a run of four years Barca dominate La Liga .

Romario joined Barcelona in 1993 and the occurrence of the striker contributed to the decision to leave the interest Laudrup due to restrictions on foreign players. After winning La Liga in 1994 with Barça, Romario and Brazil won the World Cup and which is pulled by the date dissipated & drop file at Barca before voluntarily returning to Brazil that Barca must accept sell for Flamengo.

Laudrup and Romario wore the number 10 shirt at Barca and will leave the club in a not very nice

Rivaldo joined Barca in 1997 and took the club to two La Liga championships and won the Golden Ball in 1999, but there are major contradictions with coach Louis Van Gaal on tactical issues. Van Gaal was fired in 2000 but later returned to lead Barca two years later, and Rivaldo has stated he will not play for Barca if Van Gaal in office before being transferred to AC Milan.

Also in 2002, Juan Román Riquelme from Boca Juniors joined Barca but immediately encountered the problem: He is the contract of the leadership of the club, not Van Gaal. The Argentine estranged after only one season and was loaned to Villarreal before the club he bought out in 2005.