World football has just experienced a grieving event when Maradona's "yellow boy" vented the last breath on November 25 for heart attack. Immediately after knowing it, the Napoli Club decided to change the name of the San Paolo's home into Diego Armando Maradona to commemorate the legend of the team.

Barca shocked with the idea of ​​gratitude Messi like the legendary Maradona
Maradona ever led Messi in Argentina (Photo source: Internet)

Maradona ever led Messi in Argentina

Maradona once wore Napoli shirt since 1984 to 1991. In those 7 years, he scored 115 goals in 259 matches, helping the water team to win the Serie A championship in 1987, 1990, a championship UEFA Cup 1989 And Super Cup Italy In 1990. Maradona was considered the greatest legend Napoli history.

On the same day, Emili Rousaud made a statement to name Nou Camp to Lionel Messi's house if he was elected to Barcelona's new president. The new Chairman of the Catalan club was underway earlier than usual after Mr. Bartomeu declared resigned. Bartomeu's departure is thought to come from conflicts with Messi.

Meanwhile, the future of the Argentine superstar in Barcelona is still a big question mark. The 33-year-old will expire the contract at the end of this season and the Nou Camp team is at risk of losing their No. 1 star. Therefore, Emili Rousaud hopes to convince Messi to stay in this way.

Regarding his plan, Rousaud answered the Marca: "We will hold a referendum to rename the Stadium into Camp Nou City Climbing Messi. We will contract with two top players, One of them is Neymar.

We are working to take him back to Barcelona if he pulls the lawsuit against the club. I want to rebuild the team, clubs and economies. I want to turn Barcelona into the world's best team again. "

If Messi is placed as Barcelona's home yard names, it is completely worthy. The Argentinian superstar is the ship to help the Catalan country won a lot of different small titles (34 titles) and the most goalkeeper for all the time of the club (640 goals). If Maradona is Napoli's sympathy, Messi deserves to be the greatest player in Barcelona history.