Paris Saint-Germain looks will let Kylian Mbappe go easier than Neymar, and recent moves indicate that. While awaiting Mbappe summer transfer window opening to go to Real Madrid, PSG has invited Neymar with a new contract is extremely generous.

Barca Neymar Service panic: PSG suddenly launched way translation between seasons
Neymar was invited to extend PSG salary increases (Image Source: Internet)

PSG Neymar was invited to renew the wage increase

According to sources from both the media and the French and the Spanish club French capital will invite Neymar renewed for another 3 years until 2025, together with the salary giant amounted to 38 million euros / year, corresponding to 730,000 euros / week (£ 640,000 / week). Neymar's current contract to 2022 and have a term of salary inherently very high, 690,000 euros / week (£ 600,000 / week).

Wages are only partly by promising Neymar will be added bonuses to contribute goals, wins and honors achieved. Also what if he won bonuses Ballon will also be increased. Before that Neymar was the highest salaried and second PSG, Mbappe, poor him to nearly 50%.

The invitation was extended to L'Equipe newspaper (French) assessment is a clear step by individuals and Leonardo sporting director PSG leadership. They do not have the opportunity to reach Barcelona Neymar when recently appeared rumors that the club will return to Catalunya origin harassment to buy PSG Brazilian star. Neymar last summer were "hexagram flipped" to be gone, but the determination of the PSG and Barca buys too late that no transaction has taken place.

Barca Neymar Service panic: PSG suddenly launched way translation between seasons
Leonardo sporting director has decided keeping Neymar from being sworn into office at PSG last year (Image Source: Internet)

Leonardo sporting director has decided keep Neymar since taking office last year at PSG

Moreover PSG are looking to take advantage of the current situation to make Neymar must leave intention to return to the Nou Camp. Pandemic Covid-19 will cause financial damage that the Barcelona club, it has the largest salary fund La Liga, they are rated as one of the team tottering at least in economic terms Spain. "Blaugrana" is interested in buying both Neymar and Lautaro Martinez Inter Milan but nothing guarantees they will pick both.

Neymar will choose to remain with PSG to income, the 3rd highest in the world, now this time he was less Antoine Griezmann after the French striker joined Barca, while Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in turn seized 2 first place. A guaranteed future financial security will help Neymar focus on expertise and help realize the dream PSG Champions League.