There are certain pressure with Real Madrid in the trip to Nuevo Los Carmenes field of Granada. Messi sparked Vidal "shooting" through Valladolid 1 day earlier, helps Barca close the gap with Real to 1 point.

Barca, Messi grudge: Benzema shines, Real fixed date La Liga champions
Real hard down Granada (Image Source: Internet)

Real hard down Granada

At the bend turning point, Real Madrid have shown determination and bravery is commendable. Needless to VAR or penalty as the previous round, teachers and coaches Zinedine Zidane quickly turn pressure into motivation, then there is the beginning extremely favorable.

After 10 minutes, following a pass from Casemiro, left defender Mendy Ferland perform solo shot reminiscent of the legendary Roberto Carlos. The Frenchman pushed the ball lightning left, before launching a shot pounding tight angle before the surprise and the inability of the defense of Granada.

Scoring the opener, Real shake off the pressure to then continue to reap the rewards. Minute 16, the gap was 2-0. After a good combination with Isco, Modric Luka balls to the left for striker Karim Benzema escaped down before definite impression of the far corner.

Granada do everything possible to deter Real. After 50 minutes, the home side managed to make Thibaut Courtois had conceded the ball. Herrera precise pass for Machis escape down the left wing speed before sinking a devilish shot towards the far corner.

With a defense is playing extremely solid, Real conceded only 1 goal in 6 games in a row. Therefore, Granada can not create any more surprises in the final minutes. 2-1 win Nuevo Los Carmenes in helping Real Madrid forward a long way to the 2019/20 La Liga crown.

Barca, Messi grudge: Benzema shines, Real fixed date La Liga champions
La Liga champions Real upcoming 2019/20 (Image Source: Internet)

La Liga champions Real upcoming 2019/20

With 3 points medium pocket, Real steady top spot with 83 points La Liga. They still create distance 4 points over defending champion Barcelona. Thus, Real entirely possible coronation next round if they win at fierce rivals Villarreal in the Bernabeu pitch, took place at 2 am on 17/7 (Hanoi time), without interest in the outcome Barca and Osasuna.

Theoretically, Real just by Barca was able to point La Liga champions, so this playground index calculated confrontation instead of goal difference palsy. After a victory at Granada, Real won just two points in the last two rounds is going to champion, by a maximum Barca can own only 85 points.

Real Madrid La Liga champions just right 1 time in 7 years. It was the season 2016/17. During that time, Barca had to 5 times to raise the trophy, and one belongs to Atletico. So, if you can crowned La Liga 2019/20, Real not only break the dominance of Barca's second consecutive year, but the thirst for yourself.