Bayern 2-8 defeat and stop in the Champions League quarter-final, Barcelona then fired coach Setien and appoint new coach Koeman. All are Camp Nou team performed extremely fast.

Barca Messi 700 million euro price yelled, Ronaldo
Messi to leave Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Messi to leave Barcelona

The biggest problem now is the future of Lionel Messi, the star has said he will stick full career in the Blaugrana shirt color. Currently Argentina striker was too depressed with the team's poor performance after a season empty-handed and 5 years without Champions League.

Recently, media reports revealed Spain Messi was extremely angry after talks proposed departure with new coach Koeman has leaked out. Before this situation, there were three teams spoke with Messi wants to recruit including Man City, PSG and Inter Milan.

Which, Inter Milan may spend 500 million euros on the deal, including the transfer fee and salary for 3 years for the Argentine superstar.

However, Mundo Deportivo reports from disclosure, Messi left the land of Catalunya is impossible, and this is considered the deal "can not happen". By any team that wants to recruit Argentina striker who surely must break clause freeing worth up to 700 million euros.

Luis Figo legend admits Messi unable to Real Madrid or any other club because nobody sufficient financial resources freed contract for Argentine star.

General opinion, Ronaldo de Lima (Brazil) believe very unlikely Barca captain left the Nou Camp. "Very unlikely possibility Messi leaving Barcelona, ​​especially after the financial crisis in Europe. If the leaders Barca, I definitely will not let him leave the Nou Camp in any circumstances.

Messi capital have very strong relationship with Barca, so although it's difficult team, I still believe he has special affection for the club. But of course, he was disappointed by the way the team was eliminated in the Champions League. " Ronaldo added.

Messi & Ronaldo

"Currently, Messi needs help and Barcelona teammate to create a difference in the next season. For the pillars go at this point is not the solution to the problem, "the former Real Madrid striker said Barcelona forward Messi.

This time, the Argentine striker's contract with Barcelona was due to summer 2021, but the provision allows him to be a free transfer in the winter transfer window of 2020.