Ousmane Dembele first day launch in Barcelona

Once the brightest young talents in Europe, Ousmane Dembele is Barcelona recruit from Borussia Dortmund for a fee of 125 million euros record in 2017. The money transfer has shown a huge expectation that the Camp Nou for the French striker. But all that Dembele gives Origin team Catalunya encapsulated in two words: frustration.

Barca liquidated SAO 125 million euros
Dembele stick injuries lot in Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Dembele stick injuries lot in Barcelona

The former Bundesliga stars can not meet the request made Barcelona really impatient. In the context of this team has successfully recruited "Daystar" Franciso Trincao from Braga (Portugal), the future of Dembele at Barca almost ended.

Position that Dembele playing is also where "child prodigy" Ansu Fati can completely fill with much more impressive performance. Therefore, Barcelona are a lot of reasons to sell Dembele but not too worried about the situation of human attack. Reportedly, the Camp Nou is ready to lend Ousmane Dembele in the summer of this year. Even if there is an offer to buy reasonably ask, representing La Liga is also very difficult to refuse.

One issue that the big teams in Europe also careful in asking for that Dembele is a history of player injury. According to Daily Mail, Barca will listen to all suggestions at this time to save huge amounts had been spent to recruit Dembele. Specifically, The Sport revealed, "giants" will sell off Spanish Dembele just 40 million euros price.

Dembele's salary is currently about 12 million euro fall on each year, equivalent to the midfielder being much larger team is ready to welcome Philippe Coutinho. Barca can bring one season on loan Dembele like the way they had done in the case of Coutinho (Bayern Munich on loan).

For over two seasons Barca jacket, Dembele just 8 games played enough the full 90 minutes, which means that this team must spend about 3.75 million euros for each match that Dembele is not substituted. It's a big amount and not worthy of the contributions that bring the Frenchman.

Barca liquidated SAO 125 million euros
MU should recruit Dembele this summer? (Image Source: Internet)

MU should recruit Dembele this summer?

According to British media, Manchester United have also expressed a desire to recruit Dembele in the summer of last year. But it is time Barca still want to keep the striker to support superstar Lionel Messi. Now, with the emergence of talent 20 years old Trincao, French players will be pushed away an easier way. For his part, MU still want to supplement the Odion Ighalo striker when likely return Than United Shanghai after the loan deal in the summer.

However, recruiting Ousmane Dembele would be a "gamble" really with Ole Gunnar Solskjær's men. If Dembele "revival" is successful, this will be a very good deal signings of Manchester United, especially when the player is quite young, only 23 years old. Conversely, in the case of the former Dortmund striker continued lackluster, the home side at Old Trafford will be a headache for the liquidation problem "heir", issues remaining during the last 2 seasons.