Had time, Barcelona seemed only right way Lautaro Martinez with one hand. Unfortunately, procrastination led Origin team Catalunya stalemate and open up opportunities for other 2 big guns including Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Barca hunting
3 European giants fighting for Lautaro Martinez (Image Source: Internet)

3 European giants fighting for Lautaro Martinez

Sources from the Daily Mail revealed, the price of 99 million pounds of Inter Milan was the reason given that the deal directly go into a dead end. Pandemic Covid-19 causing financial difficulty Barcelona really. Team Spain fell 70% salary players but still difficult to meet the contractual amount of Martinez liberation.

More intractable, the Argentine also want to get a raise soon as the Nou Camp. Source revealed, Barcelona are considering plans to spend about 62 million pounds will be accompanied by 1 or 2 players assigned to Inter. There have been many stars are selected and the latest Junior defender Firpo.

Currently, provisions freeing 99 million pounds contract will be valid until 30/6. After this period, Inter Milan can increase the amount of larger and Barca also much more difficult. If it falls into tormented, Barcelona can be put Philippe Coutinho or Ousmane Dembele on "mortgage" to complete the deal.

As for the Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio has recently stated: "Lautaro not for sale. Barcelona have contacted us but there is only one way for them to carry him from Inter is spending funds freed contract

In the context of the Barcelona continue taking interminable, they risk losing Martinez into the hands of the stunned opponent like Manchester United or Real Madrid, the team nothing but money. President Florentino Perez with master plans "Galaxy 3.0" was looking for a new striker Karim Benzema instead. Meanwhile, Manchester United still looking for some class 9 for attack next season.