Barcelona against Bayern Munich coming soon in the Champions League quarter-finals and if excluded, not as long as the replacement of Minister will happen at the Nou Camp. Coach Quique Setien to Barca lead the middle of the season but his team lost the championship of La Liga and football still not demonstrated much brighter compared to Ernesto Valverde.

Barca find a replacement Setien: Messi
Setien not guaranteed seat if Barca coach defeat in the Champions League (Image Source: Internet)

Setien not guaranteed seat if Barca coach in the Champions League defeat

Setien besides rumored inappropriate attention to some key players, who proved quite regret for the departure of Valverde. After Setien assistant Barca with some arguing back on the training ground, the current state of the team at this time is a "truce" is only temporary to focus on the Champions League.

French media has revealed Arsene Wenger has refused to lead Barcelona. "Professor" was no longer working in coaching at club level since parting Arsenal and currently has work in FIFA, so when Barca solicitations he responded with rejection politely, that he attaches great importance to public his current job.

According to the newspaper journalist Veronica Brunati Sport in Catalunya, Barca's current target number of candidates to lead the team instead Setien shortened to 3 people. Xavi certainly will not come back due to commitments in Qatar to the next year, and coach Ronald Koeman has not gone yet when Holland Euro.

Barca find a replacement Setien: Messi
Pochettino was friends with president Josep Bartomeu Barca (Image Source: Internet)

Pochettino was friends with president Josep Bartomeu Barca

3 name is Mauricio Pochettino disclosed, Marcelo Gallardo and Garcia Pimienta. Pochettino was the most famous of these, he not long ago had "opened the door" for Barca to say that he could be accepted, although still have feelings for the team rivals Espanyol and he knew long with Josep Bartomeu president. Yet Roma are earnestly invited back should not make Barça Pochettino will succeed.

2 remaining characters are very interesting candidates. Marcelo Gallardo is leading River Plate in Argentina and was appreciated by the ability to build an attacking play beautiful and energetic even though the season he had to break up a number of star players to European competitions .

Gallardo was rated as the best coach in the world who currently work out of the top five European leagues. He even appreciated when Messi Messi voted for this poll coach best coach of last year's FIFA The Best. But Gallardo also known as a pretty tough and not be afraid to work with the stars to rate been nicknamed "Napoleon".

Barca find a replacement Setien: Messi
Gallardo impressed coaches in Argentina makes Messi great must also respect (Image Source: Internet)

Gallardo impressed coaches in Argentina makes Messi great must also respect

Pimienta, the final candidate, is leading Barca B and already knew the players 1. However, experience as head coach of Pimienta's a big club and no further press Catalunya day one if he is a candidate most likely to be out next year if Barca have a new president.

This is the political story by Victor Font or if elected president Joan Laporte Barca in 2021, they will want to push Pimienta from the "hot seat" to bring up leading Xavi. If Bartomeu and his colleagues chose Pochettino or Gallardo and the chosen one to bring success in the 2020/21 season, the chances of the faction elected Bartomeu will increase significantly.