Last time, Lionel Messi is "causing storm" when voiced concern about the ability of the 2019/20 Champions League Barcaelona. Remarkably, M10 also bluntly stated that coach Quique play Setien built at the Nou Camp "problematic".

Barca extreme heat: Coach bored Setien not
Quique Setien spokesman countered controversial Messi (Image Source: Internet)

Quique Setien spokesman countered controversial Messi

"I never suspected the lineup club owns and no doubt about the ability of Barcelona will be champions at tournaments left in the season (La Liga and Champions League). I feel lucky when playing in the Champions League every year championship is however impossible task if the team keeps playing like the way done, "said Messi on Sport.

To reassure the public, Messi then explained his spokesman Quique Setien could cause misunderstanding, but defended the "Barca can not play the champion by now."

In an interview on Bein Sports most recently, coach Quique Setien also officially voiced cannon to his game pet: "The statement of Messi will create controversy. Barca still have to improve in many aspects, but I do not mind doubt about the possibility of the club can win the Champions League, of course, is so now. "

On the other hand, Quique Setien acknowledged the rigors and importance of the Champions League: "At this moment, I devote more attention to La Liga but also knew the value of the Champions League. The Champions league is complex journey for just one stumble can make you pay. "

Since the 2014/15 season, Barca can not touching Champions League silverware. They stopped three consecutive times even the quarterfinals, collapsed against Liverpool in the semi-finals 2018/19 season. This season, Messi and 1/8 qualifiers and harmony Napoli in the first leg 1-1.

So far, Messi has always had enormous influence in the locker room Barca, even publications ace of life coach. However countered action superstar Argentine showed Quique Setien not strategist "docile".

Also in the interview with Bein Sports, coach, 61, also expressed delight at the prospect of recruiting Neymar Barca or Lautaro Martinez. 2 stars not only a quality supplement for Barca attack, but also strong enough to replace the position of Messi at the Nou Camp in the future.

6/5 days, Barca has returned to training after a long time to prepare holiday service next competition season 2019/20. On the La Liga standings, "Made in Catalunya giant" is leading with 58 points over second-placed Real Madrid two points. Recently Chairman of La Liga - Javier Tebas top league disclosure Spain may recur early on day 11/6, with the match between Real Betis and Sevilla.