It can be said is an extremely volatile year of Barcelona. They started the new year by firing the coach, then superstar Messi at odds with Abidal sporting director, then President Bartomeu stick hire defamatory suspected case "chicken house". And when translated Covid-19 appeared, a series of internal contradictions of the Camp Nou continues being exposed in the newspapers.

Barca continue
Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu (Image Source: Internet)

Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu

Can see Barcelona never goes in 2020 to the transfer of this team having problems is not too surprising. According to Italy and Spain, "Made in Catalunya giant" at risk of meltdown two great deal Miralem Pjanic and eat sure Lautaro Martinez.

For acquisition of Pjanic, who plans change of collapse when Barcelona midfielder Melo Arthur resolutely wants to stay at Camp Nou. Therefore, even Pjanic and Juventus have agreed, but the deal has come to a standstill. Mundo Deportivo Sheet, Barcelona must urgently find alternatives to replace.

However, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper Italy, Juventus only true Arthur happy with the list sent to Barcelona. If you can not find another solution, then the deal is "considered quitting" because Barcelona did not want to spend the cash.

Meanwhile, technical director of Inter Milan - Piero Ausilio has bluntly declared on Sky Sports. "Lautaro Martinez is not for sale. Barcelona have contacted us, but we refused. If they want Lautaro should have to pay to break his contract (111 million euros) ".

Barca continue
Barcelona in danger of missing the Lautaro and Pjanic (Image Source: Internet)

Barcelona in danger of missing the Lautaro and Pjanic

That way not long, the Spanish press revealed Barcelona have submitted an offer worth 110 million euros including cash together with Nelson Semedo to Giuseppe Meazza hosts. However, this move of Inter Milan showed they are not satisfied.

Translation Covid-19 made by Barcelona meet cash flow problem. Therefore, the Camp Nou can not release too much cash, so they use tactics horizontal exchange for more new players. Besides, the newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Barca are willing to disclose liquidation to 6 players to earn a certain financial covenants in the summer.

However, this tactic does not seem effective when the exchange depends on the players. Currently, Vidal, and Arthur was Rakitic rejected three names left the club under the said area and 3 probably is not the final figure.