Coutinho stay bright door Barca

Since leaving Liverpool, Philippe Coutinho's career not only a stormy day. Barcelona put Philippe Coutinho in the Nou Camp, with the ambition to use a Brazilian superstar replaces another Brazilian superstar. Of course, it is Neymar Junior - who defected to the summer of 2017 by PSG deal record 222 million euros.

Barca coach thinks the cheeky,
Coutinho's future has become uncertain (Image Source: Internet)

Coutinho's future has become uncertain

Since joining the Origin team Catalunya month 1/2018, Coutinho rarely happy at the Nou Camp, and never fans witnessed a boom Coutinho as ever with Liverpool. Tuesday expensive player in the world live in suspicion about his own future, even if Barca spent up to 165 million euros.

And indeed, fears of Coutinho has become a reality. After only one season and a half jacket Barca, Coutinho thrown to Bayern Munich on loan. Despite playing well in Germany but Bavaria intends not enabled buyout clause, assessed that Coutinho unworthy of 100 million euros.

According to Daily Mail, Philippe Coutinho player most impaired football world in 2019 and the last phase of 2020 has Up to now, the valuation Coutinho Transfermarkt page only 70 million euros, while Barcelona to buy Brazilian players from Liverpool for 165 million euros in January 1/2018.

We have information that Barcelona will put Philippe Coutinho back to the Premiership, as long as there are partners incur 100 million euros. Chelsea is believed most fervently with the deal, alongside former team Manchester United and Liverpool. But surprisingly, the future of this player suddenly swung in the direction of benefit.

Coutinho - "New Iniesta" Barca?

Pandemic Covid-19 heavy influence to the financial foundation of the European giants. That makes Coutinho liquidation opportunities for high prices became difficult. Do not say Bayern, even Chelsea, Manchester United or Liverpool unwilling to meet the 100 million euros for the player turns 28 this coming.

Barca coach thinks the cheeky,
Coutinho Setien coach will save? (Image Source: Internet)

Coutinho Setien coach will save?

A bold idea of ​​coach Quique Setien can be salvation for Philippe Coutinho career. This military rulers declared a plan for Coutinho. It was moving him into the center of midfield. New Barca generals said on radio RAC1: "Coutinho is an outstanding player and I really like him."

Previously, Ernesto Valverde always use Coutinho as a virtual winger left, but never fit Brazilian star with this position at Barca. Coutinho still flashes sometimes with great skill shot wide, but his performances far less as it did with Liverpool.

So Setien, after a period of thorough research, recognizing the best position is in midfield Coutinho. Specifically, the position of "8" as Initesta ever undertaken. In other words, the coach Setien want Coutinho became the new Barca Iniesta, as a launch pad to attack with subtle through balls for Messi, Suarez or Griezmann boom.

Coach Quique Setien identify themselves as followers of "Saint" Johan Cruyff. He wanted to evoke the heyday of Barca midfielder Busquets trio - Xavi - Iniesta. New Barca trio in coach Setien subconscious, which may be the highest play Coutinho, behind Arthur Melo or Frenkie De Jong had played like Xavi, Sergio Busquets, while still maintaining its role.

If Coutinho is retained, it is likely Barca will pay 20 million euros more for Liverpool, in the case of the Brazilian hit the milestone of 100 games. Coutinho currently has 74 appearances for Barca.