Vice Chairman of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Moix he recently officially announced that the planned wage cuts will not affect the players 1. Specifically, the pay cuts which the Camp Nou prepare implementation can be applied except in redundancy costs and a number of modes.

Barca closing the salary reduction plan: Coming lose Messi,
Jordi Moix vice president spoke to reassure the public (Image Source: Internet)

Jordi Moix vice president spoke to reassure the public

Earlier, there were reports that Barca are very internal chaos and even, some players still want to unilaterally terminate the contract in 2021, in the case of pay cuts under the proposed plan. However, the confirmation of the vice president in charge of finance, Messi and the team were able to breathe a sigh.

Still, the Barca still implement cost-cutting plans between "Storm" public opinion shows that this team is really difficult. Reportedly, debts of Origin team Catalunya has doubled in the 2019/20 season. Marca said that Barca's debt has increased from 217 million euro (in January 6/2019) to 488 million euros (in May 6/2020).

In the 2019/20 season, the Camp Nou has recorded losses of up to 97 million financial euros, the biggest reason is the impact of the epidemic Covid-19.

"The reduction does not directly deducted from the salary of players. There are many ways deducted difference is not a pay cut. Everything will be adjusted according to the criteria of equity and proportionality as possible. This is a situation no one and our desire to find solutions to balance the budget team. Avoid breaking the contract is the goal that we look forward to in the future, "Jordi Moix vice president told radio RAC1 radio.

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* In the future, Messi still wants to leave

During the last summer transfer window, Barcelona must be extremely strenuous leg can keep Lionel Messi at the Nou Camp. Under the terms of the contract with the Blaugrana, Argentina striker indentured to March 6/2021. The problem is, Messi can unilaterally seek new parking facilities in January next year.

This time Manchester City are the most likely destination 33 stars. There currently are more reasons for determination farewell Messi after Barcelona Blaugrana team to move implement wage cuts for the second time. Causes from pandemic affecting Covid-19 heavy to finance the club.

According to the latest financial report, Barcelona 97 million euros losses and have debts of up to 488 million euros. It is known that wage cuts are only for some certain players, and Messi of course will not be in the list. However, the M10 still very angry after Barcelona ever decide to reduce his salary in a batch, and this is one of the factors forcing Messi to leave the club this summer.

According to sources from Marca, Barcelona are preparing plans for 15 days and may be extended to the end of 11 in an effort to negotiate a contract with Messi. About Home team always considered this the most important task because they do not want to the greatest player history go by any price.

However, this is extremely difficult when Messi is very willing to tear up the contract with the team in the transfer origin Catalunya winter. Show not only pursued the signature Man City star Argentine, PSG and Inter Milan are also expressed great interest in this deal.