Recently, the former star of the academy La Masia celebrated, Bojan Krkić has voiced shared that he supported the Barcelona recruit striker Roberto Firmino from Liverpool instead buy Lautaro Martinez asked. Players born in 1990 had many years of playing for Barca team first, before trying her hand at Ajax, Stoke, Mainz or Alaves.

Barca break
Barcelona should focus instead buy Firmino Martinez (Image Source: Internet)

Barcelona should focus instead buy Firmino Martinez

"Inter are not playing the way proactive. Martinez used to press this and I think the style of he does not fit the philosophy of Barcelona's attack. If Martinez moved to the Nou Camp, which will be a big mistake. Roberto Liverpool Firmino with Barca over. This player has the ability to support good team-mates, he was always very active in hot spots appear to independently warfare "- Bojan Krkić share.

Before the impasse in the deal recruit Lautaro Martinez, Barcelona is said to have signaled to striker Roberto Firmino and it was a suggestion daring because everyone knows, Firmino is one of the so-called critical in the tactical scheme of coach Jürgen Klopp. Brazilian star was with Salah and Mane constitute "nuclear triad" downright scary in the Premiership.

"Barca do not make mistakes like what they did with Griezmann. I do not understand why Barca had contracted with Griezmann. Griezmann was a striker, but pushed him out wingers then the result is disappointment expectations "- Krkic conclusion.

Barca break
Brazilian star playing pole or Liverpool (Image Source: Internet)

Brazilian star playing or extreme in Liverpool

With the ability to make good satellites for public goods, Firmino is a name full of bright to consider mental Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi assist. Transfer fee of stars born in 1991 is said to be quite similar compared with Lautaro Martinez (70 million euros). Youth is the advantage of Martinez but the experience and ability to play remarkably well with the top stars will be strengths that Firmino is proving more formidable. The only problem was whether to release the man Liverpool when Sadio Mané rumors are popping out.

Obviously, Barca should seriously consider the goal Roberto Firmino because they take too much time for Lautaro Martinez. Inter did not intend to sell their main striker and, therefore, the Camp Nou will be difficult to negotiate reasonable rates with representatives Serie A.