"Last year, Real prevented everything in the final seconds. I still want the stadium because there is always an endless fascination with football. But I can not do anything.

If appearing offer from the club in the Premier League, which is something I would definitely consider. Time will tell, but mainly I think the reason is to decide in the hands of Real Madrid. "

Through sharing the latest words, striker Gareth Bale has hinted the ability to leave Real Madrid this summer. And if this happens, what may be suitable for landing Welsh star?

Bale claims Real Madrid left back to England, to Manchester United or Tottenham?
Bale super straight hair breeze while massing with Wales (Image Source: Internet)

Bale super straight hair breeze while massing with Wales

Currently, the former team Tottenham likely destination is consistent with the Welsh striker of all. It has made a name for themselves Bale world views, and great will he be reunited with his former mentor Mourinho.

But in the past, MU was the team wants to recruit Bale. In the business context Sancho Jadon at a dead end, coach Solskjaer Bale can be used to solve the shortage of personnel in the position to run right. Theoretically, Bale is the logical addition to MU, but the issue is important to have 31 players and requires quite a high salary.

Currently, Bale is receiving 17 million euros salary / seasons at Real, and 2-year contract. According to Spanish media, the Los Blancos want early liquidation of contracts instead of to the player to continue playing football, playing golf until 2022.

In the 2019/20 season, Bale coach Zinedine Zidane was in exile on the bench and only 20 appearances for Real in all competitions. In the last 11 games of the season, he has played 100 minutes, even refused to accompany the team in the game against Manchester City in the Champions League second leg 1/8.

31 years old star should have prompted the team moved to China, Jiang Suning, but collapsed last minute in the summer of 2019. And this made Gareth Bale feel inhibited when there are statements that are being "trapped" in the Bernabeu last.

In summer 2013, Bale joined Real for 86 million pounds. In the coat color "white vultures", 31 years old midfielder has a total of 251 appearances in all competitions, scoring 105 goals and 68 is made up of the table.