Aston Villa fell back ability Premier League lead

Premier League is experiencing an extreme season of surprises and changes rankings through each round, every day even in the match. Currently, Leicester is leading the way with 18 points but their 6th place only 1 win. Therefore, there is nothing to ensure that teachers and students Brendan Rodgers will continue to lead after Round 9 ended.

Backwards ranking top 4 Premier League: Aston Villa lead, MU - Arsenal
Aston Villa have the opportunity to lead the biggest Premier League again after 7 rounds (Image Source: Internet)

Aston Villa have the opportunity to lead the biggest Premier League again after 7 rounds

With so unpredictable, shocking scenario for Premier League as "Boxing Day" - "Boxing Day" to be totally happen. A question arises what the team is capable of leading the Premier League at the start date of 26/12? The big guns in the top 6 or Leicester, Southampton? No, all is not. The answer is Aston Villa.

The reason is because coach Dean Smith's men are schedule full support. Including the match against Crystal Palace in the day 26/12, Aston Villa will play 7 rounds Premier League and not having a big tournament in the chain of this match.

Back from national team stays focused, Aston Villa against Brighton (21/11) and then West Ham (1/12), Newcastle (5/12). Most annoying opponents they must confront the Wolves (12/12), three days after they play Burnley (15/12) and finally to West Brom. These are all opponents "just pieces" with Jack Grealish with teammates and more importantly, they will wholeheartedly for this game when there is no other solution schedule.

If keeping performances like in the 3-0 win over Arsenal, teachers Dean Smith can totally get all 21 points in this match and chain themselves up the standings. To block Aston Villa, fourth ranked team in Chelsea, Southampton, Liverpool, Tottenham should triumph 7 games while this figure is 6 games of Leicester.

However, 5 schedule this team are not favorable. Tottenham must meet Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool in the next round so 4/5 teachers Mourinho to win all 7 rounds is almost impossible especially when they have to play in the Europa League arena (ice on Thursday night). Likewise is the story of the club rest. They must confront each other or a strong opponent in this match series.

Manchester United - Arsenal can "argument"?

The upper half is so unpredictable, the bottom half as good as him. It is entirely possible to see a team of Big 6 in group 3 of the bottom. That is Arsenal with an extreme schedule "heavy" does not have good form.

Mikel Arteta is facing tremendous challenges

Mikel Arteta loses 3/4 teacher-student match English Premier League the closest and next, they must confront all the opponents "bony". The first is Leeds (22/11), then consecutively as Wolves (28/11) and Tottenham (5/12). Opponents within 14 and 15 of the Arsenal will be Everton (19/12) and Chelsea (26/11).

Ability to gain 5 points in this game of "Gunners" are being questioned as to how they lost most Aston Villa last. Emirates Stadium side have to rock interspersed with English Premier League Europa League.

MU is the team needs to be careful because their next journey was not easy. Teachers and students in both Solskjaer was playing League Cup fixture should be thicker than the other teams. If you do not select the right target, the MU appeared in the bottom group is not fiction.

Of course, this is only a hypothesis also practical place like it still needed time to reply. However, this hypothesis shows the fascinating and dramatic Premier League 2020/21.